Xuók Cu Quât

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'Xuók Cu Quât' ('people's daily' or 'national daily') is the newspaper of the Communist Party of Dhram Phá, and is the only daily newspaper published in that country.

This page links to English on-line editions of Xuók Cu Quât containing a selection of main news stories from the original edition in Dhram Guô (Dhramphanese) in reverse chronological order (newest on top).

  • 2012 edition : Exumbran Convention (August 24); FICT (June 9); sNiam Qhuat new chairman (May 20); hPáks Thám deceased (May 7); Dhram Ɖú hosts FICT Council (March 4); Khusqaian economist invitation (January 18).
  • 2011 edition : sSiôŋ Hau first chairperson of FICT (October 26).

see also: Dhram Phá Observer.