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With only 109,959 inhabitants (1 January 2013), West-Cod (Kronenburgish: Westerteor) is the smallest municipality in Kronenburg. Founded in 1677, it is in fact an exclave, as the municipality isn't located near the rest of Kronenburg, but northwest of Cape Cod (Massachusetts, U.S.A.). West-Cod is composed of the island of Queen Amalialand (Koningin Amalialand) with the city of West-Cod and the village of Sint Hubertus, the island of Trinitas (with the village with the same name) and the island of Pax Christi (with the village of Nes).

People and status of the municipality

The inhabitants of West-Cod tend to be very conservative christians and the more progressive ones often leave the municipality for Alexanderstad or Boston (U.S.). The population density has been decreasing for some years now.

Because of the distance to the main part of Kronenburg, the people in West-Cod speak Dutch, (American) English and a mixture of both. The unofficial Kronenburgish language that is spoken in the rest of Kronenburg, is not understood here and this is one of the problems to be solved before Kronenburgish will become the official language of Kronenburg in 2013. There are a few scenarios that may be considered:

  • West-Cod remains a normal municipality of Kronenburg, which means that its inhabitants will have to adapt to the existance of Kronenburgish as official language;
  • West-Cod gets the status of overseas municipality of Kronenburg, much like New-Stavoren already has;
  • West-Cod will become an autonomous overseas province of Kronenburg, like the Kronenburg Virgin Islands and the White Islands (although their status is currently discussed as well).

Although the second and the third option are the most preferred among the people of West-Cod, politicians in Alexanderstad fears that Kronenburg will eventually fall apart if all municipalities start asking for more autonomy. Recently, a fourth option was brought up: West-Cod could be re-united with the White Islands (in the past, the latter was part of West-Cod) as some sort of combined, but federated autonomous overseas province, with autonomy for both parts. The first reaction from the White Islands were not very positive however, as the White Islands are still far smaller than West-Cod and it is feared that West-Cod will have completely different foreign interests than the White Islands.


# mayor of West-Cod took office left office remarks
1 Jan Kleinsma 1677 1685
2 Evert Jansma 1685 1691
3 Jelle Weerstra 1691 1693
4 Oeds Joustra Tadema 1693 1707
5 Fokko Kleinsma 1707 1715
6 Hendrik Halsema 1716 1720
7 Jacob Fedzema 1720 1737
8 Jan Wubs 1737 1744
9 Oene Fopma 1744 1749
10 Tijmen Blyham 1749 1755
11 Art Geertsema Sipma 1755 1769
12 Abel Kleinsma Tadema 1769 1772
13 Freark Halsema I 1772 1796 cousin of his successor
14 Freark Halsema II 1796 1819 cousin of his predecessor
15 Oene Halsema 1819 1823
16 Alexander Esdoorn 1823 1846
17 Lammert Fopma Tadema 1846 1854
18 Geart Jansma 1854 1870
19 Johannes Halsema 1870 1884
20 Fokko Timmer 1884 1893
21 Mart Bielsma 1893 1901
22 Thijmen Fedzema Abbega 1901 1903
23 Tjaard van der Zee I 1903 1915 father of Tjaard van der Zee II
24 Bas van Ten Boer 1915 1921
25 Tjaard van der Zee II 1921 1926 son of Tjaard van der Zee I
26 Harm Wubs 1926 1931
27 Frederik Bylsma Visser 1931 1938
28 Henryk Terpstra 1938 1941
Norman Johnsson 1941 1947 appointed by U.S. administration
29 Mark Veeman 1947 1953
30 Piter Venekamp 1953 1967
31 Arnold Okkema Jansma 1967 1976
32 Hans Preuss 1976 1986
33 Willem Klaassen 1986 1989
34 Lykele Nijhuis 1989 2003
35 Tjaard van der Zee III 2003 2010
36 Hylke Fopma Tadema 2010 incumbent
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