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I am Zkang123 who likes to write, and also a mapper of OpenGeofiction (OGF), where I technically formerly owned a nation called 'Singkangia', but I also map at Pretanic Faction State and Elhadia. Besides these nations, I also write about other nations like Kanglapo, Biangsinglia and Kinglavia, which are located on an island called Pointochinikia. These nations are still in 'writing' phase, but I may create the map of these nations on OGF in the future.

Besides geofiction, I like to compose music in my free time. I am also interested in trains, so you can also find me on Wikipedia, where I edit articles concerning Singapore's train system.

If you are not comfortable speaking to me in English, you can communicate to me in Chinese (as I am Chinese), though I doubt whether there are many Chinese mappers (who only speaks Chinese and bad English) available.

Mapping Life

File:ZK Pointochinikia Map.jpg
Two versions of the map of Pointochinikia. I prefer the white one.

I have an interest in drawing 'fictional maps' in my childhood, so I started drawing like an alternate-Singapore, with towns named 'Ti', 'Jo' and other monosyllabic names. Much of these maps were thrown away, so I don't have any samples. Then sometime later I drew a country called 'Shortcut Island', which is actually two islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. At this time, however, I still did not really have a concept of what a country should look like, how does politics function and did not have knowledge of creating fictional historical events. The capital was 'Rich City' and the names of the other smaller towns were quite inspired by my visit to China at the time in 2010 or so. I remember my larger towns were named as 'North City', 'Big City' and so on. I remember drawing some of the cities, but most were just roads without buildings. I also did not know about scaling yet.

For a brief period, I think I gave up on drawing fictional maps, and there was little progress, likely because I thought doing such things is a 'childish thing'. However, I still made a comeback during a trip to Seoul, South Korea in 2014, when I created three new countries (Kanglapo, Biangsinglia (originally Biangsinglabian) and Kinglavia) on an island 'Pointochinikia', named after a fictional Russian explorer (Yasha Pointochivich) who happened to arrive at the island. The island was on the Pacific Ocean somewhere off the coast of Japan. I planned to bring the island into OGF one day, but some of the things (like the history, language origins, etc.) will be altered to fit into the OGF world.

The comeback was probably due to my idea of creating a fictional language after a visit to King Sejong's Museum. Then the idea expanded to a country, and later 3 countries on one island. I focussed on the country of Kanglapo, which is the 'good guy' while its enemy was its west neighbour Biangsinglia. The Kinglavian Kingdom have to act as the mediator for conflicts between the two (I think this idea came from the crisis between the two Koreas). I remembered drawing the highway network and the provinces of Kanglapo, then later moving onto the capital Nandacheongfu (meaning Rich, Big City- a reference to my past fictional island).

In 2016, I was finding a mapping software to draw digital fictional maps about Kanglapo on a computer, so I can print out and appreciate, but there was no such software. Instead, I chanced upon OGF during my search on Google. I signed up actually on impulse, then realising I will not map my planned island soon, I thought of leaving, but I still stayed on there, since I like mapping.

Mapping projects done on OGF

Now, I am doing some renovations and fixes in the capital of the Pretanic Faction State, building new metro stations, monuments, etc, something similar to Pyongyang but in a more European way.

Recent edits

  • Past month:
    • Daulselon works and Pretanic Demilitarised Zone (PDZ)
    • Slum works
  • Needs to be done:
    • More slums and development of Antigo City.

To be done

Places of attractions to be added (see the list and respective notes). Not all is done by me.

Places dedicated to the Briarmacks

Tomb of J. L. Briarmack - The tomb of the first leader of liberated Antigo, whose actual name is just John Briarmack. It is also known as the 'White Palace'. Notably decorated with Cuppa idols. Just outside is the Antigoan Revolutionary Museum, which documents the life and death of John. (finished)

Tomb of M. P. Briarmack (Micheal Preamban Briarmack, 2nd leader) - A similar tomb as J. L's, but notably smaller. It is blue instead of the supposed black because locals said that was his favourite colour (it was rumoured that Antigo ran out of black paint). Hence often called the 'Blue Palace'. It was hastily built but contained more treasures and gifts than the White Palace. (finished)

Palace of Briarmack - Okay, it actually exists already on the map. I thought of just giving this description: Built in 1887, it used to be the residence of the governor of Antigo. When Antigo gained it de facto independence, it became the official residence of the Briarmacks. The only complaint that it faces the wrong direction away from Pretany which means the Briarmacks cannot watch out for any possible invasions from the front window. (finished)

Briarmack Tower - The one close to the Antigo Central Railway Station and just near the First Briarmack Bridge, it was built on orders by M.P. to honour his father. The no. of metres of the tower is the same number as the years J.L lived. (finished)

Victory Monument - Tall Bronze Statues of the two Briarmacks in Victory Square. (an inspiration to Kim's bronze statues in Pyongyang). Supposedly to be made of gold, but too costly. The Square is where military parades are held for celebrations. (finished)

Places related to the history and culture of Antigo

Tomb of King Yubesser - Map. Okay, it is not on the wiki yet, but King Yubesser could have been the first king of the Antigoan Kingdom. It is claimed that his body was discovered along the banks of the Antigo River, and then buried there in 1997. (finished)

Tomb Palace of Dagermu - This didn't really cross my mind until now when I just read 'Petty Kingdoms of Pretany' on the wiki. Maybe somewhere along the river also. Houses the bodies of Kings Mark and Nablan Dagermu. Their bodies, however, is said to be in Pretany, since some records indicate that the bodies were captured and never returned. Some guides will admit that it is an empty tomb and said,'The bodies will come back, surely, and rescued from the Pretanic Imperialists'.

Kadella Hotel (taking inspiration from Capella Hotel, Sentosa, Singapore, where the US-North Korean summit took place). It is actually a set of Antigoan-style buildings built in the 1800s, which turned into a military base for Antigoan soldiers to hide and ambush on Pretanic soldiers. Now a hotel for tourists.

Sealoson Fort - Close to Kadella Hotel. It is an old fort where Antigoan Military guns were installed (still active). Part of it became a museum to show the successful defences against Pretanic forces by storing Pretanic tanks, guns and equipment.

Hill of Justice (or known as Earldarson Hill) - Most famous battleground where it was said 20000 Antigoan soldiers, led by Major Keaplonard Earldarson, sacrificed their lives over there against 300 000 Pretanic soldiers. Now it is where families of Antigo City spent their Sundays on their outskirts of Antigo City, have a picnic or admire the scenery. (idea merged with Sealoson Fort)

Antigo City Metro - Subway network in Antigo. Only the Renewal Line is opened free to foreigners. (half-finished)

Antigo City Central Railway Station - Nothing special, though foreigners were not allowed there during the weekdays without permission. Said to have been designed by J. L. himself. (finished)

Gouvernic Park - A place of recreation for government officials, and said to be where the Briarmacks usually take an evening stroll. (finished)

Antigo National Stadium - Promoting sports in Antigo and often the centre venue for the Antigoan Games (possible OGF version of the Hunger Games, for Cuppa sacrifices) (finished)

Antigoan Cinematic Studios - Where Propaganda films or shows are filmed and produced. The 'Hollywood' of Antigo. Nearby is the news centre for the Pretanic Antigoan Central News Agency (PACNA).

Tower of Triumph - If you know what is the Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, you get the idea.

Antigo Atomic Research Centre - It is now a tourist attraction after the researchers moved to Alam Base in 2010-2012. Stores models of nuclear weapons.

Antigo Mint - The mint for Antigoan Yana banknotes and coins. Nearby is the HQ for the Antigo Monetary Authority (ANA).

The workers' monument - (finished)


60% complete, new stations to be added at south part of Briarmack Line.