Useful HTML Codes

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These are some HTML codes that can be used of Geopoeia:

  • <s>text</s> : text.
  • <u>text</u> : text.
  • <code>text</code> : text.
  • <sup>text</sup> : superscripttext (note that this affects line spacing).
  • <sub>text</sub> : subscripttext (note that this affects line spacing).
  • <center>text</center> : centers text.
  • <br> : new line/paragraph without separation from the previous line/paragraph.
  • <!--comment--> : comment visible only in edit screen.
  • &...; codes for characters work normally. For example: replacing ... with "emsp" results in an em-space ( ). (This cannot be suppressed with <nowiki> tags.)
  • <div> and <span> tags work normally.

Please use html sparingly - especially anything more complex than the above - and please refrain from using html codes that do not work with all browsers (such as the <li> tag).

see also: various useful templates.