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National Bank issues new banknotes in 2017.

(Bizet). At a press conference in Bizet last week, president A.D. Nahriman of the National Bank of the Republic said that the bank will issue new 100-, 200- and 500 rupee banknotes next year. These new banknotes will replace the older banknotes with the same value in order to combat corruption and counterfeit banknotes. As Mr. Nahriman stated, the old banknotes were too easy to falsify and were often used to launder dirty money and the new banknotes will contain a lot of hidden features that make it much more difficult to falsify them. Fighting corruption was one of the main election promi-ses of president Keridavian and the issue of new banknotes is part of his plan to do so. Banknotes of 100, 200 and 500 rupees are the most used in everyday monetary transactions in our country and in January next year all citizens have to exchange their old 100 and 200 rupee banknotes into new ones and in February all 500 rupee notes. To exchange larger amounts than 2500 rupees, an explanation about the origin of this money will be required. Mr. Nahriman declared that all citizens will have at least one whole month to exchange all their money, and referred to the situation in India earlier this year where certain banknotes suddenly were declared invalid, creating long lines of people who needed to exchange their money.

Eighth General Assembly postponed JCF.

On November 13, president Keridavian and foreign minister Abdul Hamid Rasul attended the eighth General Assembly of FICT in the Voskian capital Divis. Main point was the status of the Juridical Committee of the Forum, but as it soon turned out, this status seemed to be quite unclear and after some discussions, the matter was postponed so a draft regulation can be made of the JCF regulations. This will be presented to the governments of the member states at the latest in April 2017. Foreign minister Hamid Rasul said he could agree on this and that the Maysorian government will study this draft in order to contribute to a good proposal about the JCF so the member states can take a decision about it on the next GA in Yukland. He also said that he and president Keridavian had some good talks with other delegates from the member states after the meeting, especially with Prime minister Ashton Pary from Harrawi and the Tarmoryan president Abdelkarim Darmqran and that the Maysorian government probably will invite them for an official visit in Bizet in 2017 in order to discuss both the JCF and closer economic and political cooperation.