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Prime minister Keridavian dismissed

(Bizet). In the first week of the new year, president Nuruddin dismissed prime minister Oliver Keridavian. No particular reasons were given for this quite unexpected measure but according to presidential sources, president Nuruddin just says not to have been very happy during a long time with the performance of the current government and especially with the prime minister and demands changes in the government. But other sources say it is not sure if this is what it´s all about. After all, Oliver Keridavian and Muhammad Nuruddin have been political allies since the coup d´etat in 1998 and Keridavian has been prime minister since 2000, and it is no secret that Nuruddin actually wants Oliver Keridavian to be his successor to the post of president. By sacking the prime minister now, mr. Keridavian is not only free to run for president in the presidential elections which will be held in June this year, it´s also likely that mr. Keridavian will now get more sympathy of the voters who would like to see an end to the Nuruddin-era in Maysorian politics. As new prime minister, president Nuruddin appointed the current minister of the interior, mr. Faiz Rahman.

Foreign minister Rasul visits other FICT member states

In order to discuss the free trade agreement and the proposed changes of it, foreign minister Abdul Hamid Rasul, will travel to the capitals of the other member states of FICT in the coming months. Even (former) prime minister Keridavian already did so in December, but he visited only Tarmorya and Voskia and didn´t seem to have any result, but due to the fact that our country will be host for the coming General Assembly in May and to prevent another failure in the coming negotiations on the free trade agreement, mr. Rasul will now have talks with all the governments of the other states to hear the points of view from those member states, both of those which are opposed to the changes and those who are not. According to mr. Rasul, he cannot say anything right now about the changes in the treaty before he has heard all the opinions and then the work starts to find a solution which everybody can agree on. "No treaty at all is no option," mr. Rasul said, "that should be clear, it would surely be a setback for FICT if the member states could not agree on this matter, so although it won´t be easy I really do expect to find a solution on which every member state can agree and that could just as well be a complete new free trade agreement, ready to be signed on the coming General Assembly". He also stated that the point of view of the republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran on the treaty could possibly change if a new or changed treaty could give better benefits to our economy. "And I suppose that is the case for the other member states too," mr. Rasul stated. The first country to be visited will be Kaupelan, where the minister even will discuss the energy plan that the Kaupelanese government is about to launch. "What the republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran concerns, nuclear power is just out of the question due to the size of our country and economy, but we are definitely interested of "green power", i.e. sun, wind and renewable energy," according to mr. Rasul.

Rakesh Sengupta announces he will run for president in June

Rakesh Sengupta, the former managing director of Maysorian Telecom and one of the richest persons in the republic, has announced that he will run for president for the Republican Party (RP) in the presidential elections in June this year. For insiders, it hardly comes as big news, as it was known for a longer time that mr. Sengupta was interested in stepping into politics, but until now he never was a formal candidate for a political post. Due to his financial wealth, the fact that he is a hindu, and that the Republican Party is the oldest political party of the country, he certainly has a fine chance to win, as one of his opponents seems to be the former prime minister Oliver Keridavian, who in the latest polls didn´t score very high at all (as a matter of fact, mr. Keridavian was mentioned as a politician most people in the republic didn´t rely on very much). Another opponent is John Golenge, the candidate of the SPM (Socialist Peoples Movement) whose voters mainly will be found in the christian part of the population.

Police arrests young Adzhatian tourists

Last week the police in the city of Gozer on the island of Shaoran was called to the beach at the edge of the city where they had to arrest seven young tourists from Adzhatia who celebrated the New Year with, according to the police report, "too few clothes on" thus upsetting the local inhabitants. Since the republic became a member of FICT, many tourists, and especially the younger ones, from other member states have discovered the beautiful beaches, the warm climate and the low prices of our country and travel here for a cheap holiday in the sun. But many inhabitants of the republic, especially on the country side, are quite upset by foreigners showing too large parts of their body uncovered in public and demand that tourists could show at least a certain amount of decency when visiting our country. For only a month ago, four young tourists from Guelphia were arrested too after complaints of locals about their clothes - or better, the lack of them - and had to pay a fine. The seven young Adzhatians had to pay a fine too and promise that they would dress more decently during their stay in the country.

Republic welcomes athletic heroes from FICT Games

Many people had gathered on Darsam international airport to welcome the athletic team of our country when they arrived there just some days before Christmas, after the FICT Games in Île de Romanhe had ended. Especially Vidyul Banerjee, who won a bronze medal in triathlon and Anil Sokrash, the glorious winner of the marathon were enthusiastically welcomed by the crowd. Although the performance of both the football team and the volleyball team of our country had been quite disappointing, many inhabitants of the republic said to be very happy about the fine performances at the FICT Games of both Banerjee and Sokrash, who this week paid a visit to president Nuruddin who honored the athletes with an award.

Republic plans to participate in first FICT Fair

The republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran has made preparations for its participation in the first FICT Fair which will be held in the Guelphian capital of Kingsbury in April this year, by starting the construction of the pavilion of our country. The emphasis will be placed on tourism (but not mass tourism) and the pavilion will show the multiculturalism of our country with it´s roots from three continents. The government has a budget of two million rupees available for the fair and expects to supplement this with another two million rupees coming from sponsors