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Prime minister changes his mind during conference concerning the removal of exception in free trade agreement

(Bizet). On the conference of FICT that was held on November 7 in Porto da Mata, the capital of Yutyrama, there seemed to have been some kind of confusion between the members of the delegation of our country. One of the main points to be discussed on the meeting was namely the removal of the last exception in the free trade agreement (agricultural and fishery products) and according to foreign minister Abdul Hamid Rasul, the prime minister was of the opinion that the point was to keep the exception in the agreement in stead of removing it. Due to this the delegation from our country planned to vote in favour of the proposal, but when the prime minister discovered his misstake he suddenly changed his point of view and declared that the Republic of MAS could not agree with the removal of this exception. "Taking away the possibility to protect our fishery and agricultural export could in fact seriously damage our economy," mr. Keridavian said and thus the republic joined Tarmorya and Voskia who not either are in favour of removing the exception from the free trade agreement. Finally, no decision was taken, due to other circumstances, and the proposal is postponed to the next meeting of the GA, which will be held in our capital Bizet in May 2016. But critics from the opposition said that they are about to loose any confidence in the PM, because of this quite remarkable misstake of mr. Keridavian. "Maybe it should be time for some changes in the government, because it seems to be obvious that the PM travels to a meeting without preparing himself for the meeting or maybe he was just misinformed by his staff, but how can he than believe that we can think he is fit to be prime minister if he takes decisions based on misunderstanding?" But the prime minster rejects this critics and said that he was forced to change his mind about the proposal in order to protect our agriculture and fishing industry. According to him the issue will be treated on the next General Assembly and although the republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran is strongly in favour of free trade and surely does not want to stay out of the agreement, it is not unreasonable to have some exceptions to protect vulnerable parts of the economy, at least for a while, so there should be a fair chance to come to an agreement between the member states of FICT. In December prime minster Keridavian will travel to Tarmorya, and later on also to Voskia to discus the Maysorian point of view and to see the extent to which these three countries could unite in this matter.

Government of republic abandons short term visas for citizens of FICT member states

The government of the republic announced that by the end of this year all citizens of other member states of FICT will not have to apply for a visa anymore when entering our country, this according to the Short Term Visa Agreement (FSTVA) in which the republic is a participant since it became a member of FICT earlier this year. According to the new rules only a valid passport is required when visiting our country for a period shorter than 3 months, but for stays longer than 3 months any visitor still has to apply in advance for a visa at Maysorian consulates or embassies and also for certain purposes it can be necessary with a visa. These rules can be altered though on the next meeting of the General Assembly of FICT next year when this matter will be discussed, but as it seems now, the government of the republic is not likely to abandon visas for certain purposes or stays longer than 3 months.