The Maysorian Nation 3

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The republic becomes member of Alliance of Fictional States

(Bizet). On the meeting of the Alliance of Fictional States that was held in Port de Boiguehenneuc, the capital of Île de Romanhe, on September 20, our country was accepted as a new member of this organization (earlier this year our country already gained the full membership of FICT). After his return from Île de Romanhe on Monday, Prime minister Oliver Keridavian said on a press conference that he was very happy to announce that the other member states so soon had accepted the application of the republic and had welcomed the republic in their midst. He stated that this was another important step forward into the new relations with the outside world which could give an impulse to both the economical and cultural development of the republic. But many critical voices from both oppositional politicians and especially in the media wondered why the prime minister had travelled to Port de Boiguehenneuc. "Didn´t mr. Keridavian really have better things to do instead of visiting such a useless meeting?" as many said. They pointed to the fact that this alliance, from its foundation in 2006 until now, only had consisted of two member states, Marckonia and Île de Romanhe, who for not so long ago even had discussed to terminate this alliance due to lack of activities, but in the last moment decided to wait a little with this. Gaining the membership of an dying organization with only two members could thus hardly be such a big step forward in the relations with the outside world as the prime minister had said. Instead it will probably cost our country lots of money, which could be spent on a much better way. The gaining of the membership of FICT, a living organization with many active member states was undoubtedly very useful for the development of our country, but who is impressed by gaining the membership of the Alliance of Fictional States? But prime minister Keridavian defended the membership by saying that the republic is now able to use an important database in Marckonia for scientific research and even will start cooperation on several other areas with Marckonia and Île de Romanhe.

Imam arrested after riots

(Darsam). Violent riots broke out in the city of Darsam, when the local police tried to arrest the imam of the local mosque, Mr. Mahmoud Hussayni. In his sermon on Friday, mr. Hussayni was said to have encouraged young Muslims to travel to Syria and fight for Islam, which lead to heavy protests and even fighting among the visitors in the mosque. When the police arrived, many visitors left the mosque and continued their protests in the streets of Darsam. According to mr. Hussayni he was misunderstood, but according to several witnesses he actually did encourage for jihad in Syria, which is a crime and Mr. Hussayni will now probably prosecuted for propaganda for a terrorist organization.