The Maysorian Nation 2

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The republic becomes member of FICT on meeting in Guelphia

(Bizet). May 2nd, the organization of FICT held its annual meeting in the Guelphian capital of Kingsbury, and for our country this meeting can be called for another milestone in its history, because here in Kingsbury the republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran gained the full membership of FICT, only several months after that the government of our country had applied for it. Both president Muhammad Nuruddin and Prime Minister Oliver Keridavian were present at the conference and they expressed their contentment with the positive decision taken on the meeting and thanked the other delegations for their confidence in our country as a new member state. According to president Nuruddin the republic will be a worthy member of FICT and shall now join the other member states on the path to a better cooperation and more prosperity. Before the voting about the admission of our country into FICT could took place, the delegation of the republic discussed the main reasons for the republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran to apply for membership (see also The Nation 1) with the other delegations and also possible doubts amongst them about the state of the democracy in our country and could by this convince the members of all delegations that our country was ready for taking the step into FICT. The next step will be the ratification of the Treaty of Isiðor by the parliament, which probably will happen within the coming months and is not expected to be a major problem, because a broad majority of the members of all the parties already in January expressed their support for the application for membership of FICT, if the government planned to do so. Nevertheless, some members of JIMAS (Islamic Party) were concerned about joining a non-islamic organization like FICT. “We do not want to put the economical aspect of FICT in question and not the political aspect of it either, but we find it somewhat difficult to accept that our country will now join another organization consisting of non-islamic countries, rather than joining a true islamic organization” as one of the members of JIMAS recently stated. Although the Prime Minister could see a point in joining other (possible religious) organizations too, he could not agree with the fact that FICT was a non-islamic organization. “Besides that, that´s just not the point with FICT. It is an organization that aims at economic and political development, which is exactly what our country needs right now. But to hush your worries about the religious aspect of FICT, I can tell you that at the same time that our country gained membership of FICT, also Harrawi did so, and do not forget that North-African Tarmorya has been a member for several years now and who could deny that those both countries are islamic? But just to repeat it once more, the main reasons for our country to become a member of FICT are completely of non-religious character," the Prime Minister said, hereby also pointing at the public opinion in other member states who possibly fear to have welcomed an extremist islamic state in their midst. "I can assure you, that is definitely not the case," the Prime Minister explained to foreign journalists who asked him about the fact that such questions actually were raised from members of a party that is in a coalition with the PM´s own (ruling) party PNR.