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Committee installed to rewrite constitution of Republic

(Bizet). After almost a year of discussion, the five parties in the Maysorian parliament have come to an agreement to install a committee to rewrite the constitution of the Republic. In this committee, not only members of all political parties will participate, but even representatives of all religious and ethnic groups in our country as well as independent citizens, with the main goal to “further democratize and free society from all forms of oppression, whether this is oppression on grounds of a religious, sexual or political nature” as president Begum said in a speech to parliament last week. Although the current constitution restored democracy in 2000 after two years of dictatorship, it is highly criticized for giving much power, not only to the president, but also to the military forces of the country and many say this is a firm barrier against all changes in both politics and society. It was one of the main election promises of Mrs Begum to have the constitution of the Republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran to be rewritten, but it is probably also going to be one of her promises that are hardest to keep as there is, especially amongst certain religious leaders, quite much resistance against proposals as to give equal rights to sexual minorities or same-sex marriage. Even within the armed forces there can be some resistance if a new constitution means less influence in society. Other opponents of the committee say that changing the current constitution will only lead again to political and social unrest as was the case in the years before the coup d´etat and will thus harm the country. But according to Mrs Begum, this is exactly why a committee with participants from all layers of the Maysorian population is installed to discuss the matter. ”Despite this opposition, I have every confidence that the committee will succeed in coming up with a good proposal for a new, democratic constitution, worthy of a modern state”, the president said in her speech, ”a constitution that protects human rights, defends women´s rights, gender equality and the right of our people to education and to live in a healthy environment”. A time schedule has been set up and according to this, the committee will present a proposal for a new constitution somewhere next year, but before the parliamentary elections in June 2022 so that the current parliament has the opportunity to approve (or reject) the proposal. If approved though, even the newly chosen parliament has to approve the proposal before the new constitution comes into force.

Minister of Health resigns.

(Bizet). Minister of Health, Anant Singh, resigned last week after he was forced to admit that his ministry didn´t have the ongoing covid-19 epidemic under control any more, and in fact, that the situation was deteriorating again due to the spread of the new delta version of the virus among the population. He said his resignation would pave the way for a new approach to bring the situation back under control in order to prevent a catastrophe and a complete breakdown of health care in our country. It wasn´t that long ago that Mr. Sing stated that the situation would soon improve significantly after the first vaccinations against Covid-19 were started (see The Nation 16), but it turned out that both the amount and the quality of the vaccines was insufficient and right now, four months after the start, only half of the prioritized groups have been vaccinated. Among the population in general only fifteen percent has been vaccinated, which, according to experts of the Ministry of Health, is far too little to guarantee any group immunity, although the percentage is much higher than the average in Africa. Just now the rate of vaccinations is extremely slow due to a great shortage of vaccines and the latest figures of the Ministry show that more than twenty five thousand people in our country have become ill or are infected with the virus. Twelve hundred people have died so far, but the numbers are probably even higher because these only concern the registered cases. Prime Minister Salman Faruq declared this week that he had asked Sunant Bannerjee, professor of medicine at the University of Bizet, to become the new minister of Health and that Mr. Bannerjee had accepted. The Prime Minister also said that the Maysorian society had to be prepared for a new partial lockdown and that the fight against corona is going to be tough and will probably continue unto 2022.

Minor earthquake hits eastern islands.

(Surati) In June the island of Algheran was shaken by two minor earthquakes causing damage in mainly the two cities of Engide and Surati, where a few houses collapsed. Also in the other islands the quakes caused quite some panic but no casualties or severe damage. Fortunately, because both quakes took place in the middle of the day, there were hardly any victims as most people happened to be outdoors, but about one hundred persons needed hospital care for injuries. Only hours after the first quake the government ordered local municipalities to provide first aid and to inspect both infrastructure and damaged buildings. According to the National Institute of Seismological Research, the first quake, on June 13, had a magnitude of 5,1 and the second, on June 15, a magnitude of 4,6 and quakes of this magnitude are rather common in our country. Even in 2018 the republic was hit by an earthquake of this magnitude (see The Nation 11), causing some casualties and damage.

Athletes protest against conditions at FICT-Games in Adzhatia.

A group of athletes has sent a letter to the Maysorian minister of Sport, Mrs. Joyce Ganuwe, in which they express their great concern about the place where the fifth FICT games will be held, referring to the harsh weather conditions in the arctic country of Adzhatia with freezing cold temperatures already in the end of August. According to the athletes, such low temperatures are hardly suitable for any activity outside, as many visiting athletes from both the Republic of MAS and other tropical member states of FICT are not used att all to such unbearable weather conditions. Also the fact that these games are planned to be held shortly after the Olympics in Tokyo could be a reason to postpone the games until next year, for example in July 2022, when one can be at least a little more sure that the temperatures in Adzhatia rise above zero. The athletes demand that the minister will argue at FICT to have the games postponed or to take place somewhere else or entirely indoors, but nothing was said if they refuse to particpate in the games if these will take place in August anyway.