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Haseena Begum wins presidential elections.

(Bizet). As almost all votes are counted, it is clear now that the the next president of the Republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran will be Mrs. Haseena Begum (photo). In the second round of the presidential elections, elections that were confirmed as fair and just by observers from the African Union, Mrs. Begum got 59 % of all votes and early this morning her opponent Mr. Rakesh Sengupta admitted his defeat and congratulated Mrs. Begum. At many places in the country happy crowds filled the streets to celebrate the great victory of Mrs. Begum, while at the headquarters of the Republican Party, the supporters of Mr. Sengupta tried to come to terms with the defeat of their candidate in the elections, as it was the second time for Rakesh Sengupta to try to win the presidency of the republic, but now he declared that he will not run for president next time, although, as he said, he shall stay on as the leader of the Republican Party. 44-year old Haseena Begum is abroad possibly known as the ambassador of our country to FICT, a function she had only a short while as she resigned in January this year in order to be able to run for president. In the Republic of MAS on the other hand she has mostly a reputation as a respected lawyer fighting for human rights and especially women´s right issues and gender equality. Chosen as a member of parliament in 2012 for the Socialist Peoples Movement she always said that the country should investigate all political crimes committed during and by the military dictatorship (1998-2000) and in the years after and that the guilty should be brought to justice. But although Mrs. Begum mentioned this in her speech of this morning, saying that it is not good for any country that crimes of the past would go unsolved, she especially emphasized quite strongly that what she saw as her main task as president was to seek reconciliation. On the contrary with Mr. Rakesh Sengupta she did not present any economic plan for the recovery of the Maysorian economy after the ongoing corona-crisis but she said that she will ask prime-minster Salman Faruq (RP) to stay on at his post which not only can be seen as an effort to win over the republican voters, but also that the current economic policy will be continued. Tomorrow at 12 o ´clock interim president Arjun Bhattacharya will step down and Mrs. Haseena Begum officially sworn in as president.

The results of the first round in the presidential elections on August 10 and of those of the second round on August 24

The results of the first round

party candidate votes
PNR Oliver Keridavian 16 %
RP Rakesh Sengupta 24 %
SPM Haseena Begum 39 %
JIMAS Iqbal Ahmed 4 %
Independent Abdul Hamid Rasul 16 %
Invalid votes 1 %

The results of the second round

party candidate votes
RP Rakesh Sengupta 40 %
SPM Haseena Begum 59 %
Invalid votes 1 %

Corona crisis under control says Ministry of Health

The fact that the presidential elections could take place at all during the ongoing corona pandemic seems to have been the result of the measures taken earlier this year to limit the spread of the virus and the government now says to have the situation more or less under control. Although the crisis was expected to deteriorate quickly (see the Maysorian Nation 14), the amount of deceased stayed below two hundred and even the number of people who actually fell ill was less than seven hundred, as the Ministry of Health recently reported in a press bulletin. These measures could have been the main cause that the amount of sick and deceased in covid-19 seems to have been rather small, but possibly also the fact that the average age of the population of Republic is quite low, as is the case in many African countries. But in an recent article in the country`s largest newspaper The Bizet Times, it was said that the amount of persons who got sick in covid-19 must have been much larger than as stated by the Ministry, because many cases of presumable covid-19 were not detected as such, or as the newspaper writes, unusually many people died of "a little cough" this year or other not specified infectious diseases. Many patients witnessed a lack of testing options and a huge shortage of all kinds of material in all hospitals in the republic and according to the newspaper it is just all too obvious that the pandemic is far from over in our country.