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FICT-Games both praised and criticized.

(Bizet). Last week, on Thursday November 21, the closing ceremony of the fourth FICT Games was held at the Virendra Kumar Stadium in Bizet, just a few hours after the last (football) games had been played and Adzhatia (men) and Kaupelan (women) became champions. The ceremony was attended by several thousands of spectators who had come to see the parading sportsmen, watch the fireworks at the very end of the ceremony and to listen to the speeches of both the President of the Republic, Mr. Oliver Keridavian, and the minister of Sport, Mrs. Joyce Ganuwe. In her speech Mrs. Ganuwe emphasized that the games in almost every way had been a great success, although some people possibly could find the sporting performance of our country somewhat disappointing, but despite this it was more than obvious that the Republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran certainly was capable to organize such a major event and that the games had been a true highlight of sport. The minister thanked all participants and everyone else who had contributed to the games, both spectators and officials, from all Member States for their great commitment.

Although the games indeed are regarded as a success by many, there was, certainly in the press, also quite some criticism about the way the games were organized. Not only "minor " mistakes causing the football team of Adzhatia to play two matches on the same day (although Adzhatia was offered to play the second match on the next day but refused), but especially the very high costs of the games for which taxpayers in this country now probably have to pay. But minister of Sport, Mrs. Ganuwe responded in a reaction on this that the largest part of the budget was provided by contributions from the business community and other sponsors and that the deficit actually was quite small. Many also complained about the quite high prices of the admission tickets for the matches and it was stated that one thousand rupees (4 US Dollars) was way too much for most inhabitants of our country and even the fact that foreigners had to pay different (higher) prices than citizens of our country had led to complaints from visitors. But most criticism was nevertheless made, in particular by human rights organizations, for the way in which the authorities had ensured the safety of all participants and visitors from Member States. Nearly a thousand persons had been detained for several months for "special security reasons" since the government of the Republic raised the level of terrorist threats to the second highest level in the whole country after information handed over by foreign intelligence earlier this year (see Maysorian nation 12) when it seemed that a local Islamist organization was preparing for attacks on the FICT-games of 2019. During the last months both the armed forces and the police had arrested and detained hundreds of "presumed terrorists", using a law from the time of the military dictatorship that allows the authorities to detain persons for "special security reasons". Human rights activists urge now the government to release these people as quickly as possible and Prime Minister Salman Faruq said in a reaction to this to the press that if no charges can be made, then most of them will be released soon.

Besides this, the sporting performance of the republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran has been somewhat disappointing according to many inhabitants of our country. Just one gold medal for Anila Coleman, who actually quite unexpectedly won the women´s cycling road race on November 16. Unexpectedly, because she at first was not supposed to participate in the race at all due to a minor injury earlier this year, but only one week before the games started she was declared fit and thus she said she would participate in the 92 km cycling road race between Djumila and Darsam. In general, the results of the female participants from our country were superior to those of the mail participants, as even Silvi da Costa won a silver medal in 100 meter athletics, Noora Kush a bronze medal in sailing and Vera Kush also won bronze when she came third in the marathon between Konda and Surati (Algheran). Afterwards she said though that she was a bit disappointed for winning just bronze and not gold, but that the marathon runner from Harrawi turned out to be just superior to her and she congratulated her opponent. As a matter of fact, athletes from this East African country performed very well at the games, three gold medals for 100 meter athletics, marathon and even triathlon, a result which was only surpassed by the Kaupelanese who also won three golden medals for sailing, cycling and football and all together six medals.

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Kronenburg admitted as 14th member state at 14 th summit of FICT.

(Kercei) At the recently held summit of FICT in Kercei, in the freezing cold and dark arctic country Adzhatia, the leaders of the member states decided to admit the North American kingdom of Kronenburg as a new member state of FICT. Although three member states chose for unclear reasons to abstain from voting, most member states, including our country, welcomed the admittance of Kronenburg. Prime Minister Salman Faruq, present at the summit together with Foreign Minister John Golenge, said that the new member state would probably give the organization a big necessary boost and expected that both the trade and diplomatic relations between our country and Kronenburg will improve even more as a result of the admittance of the country in FICT. At the summit the delegates even decided to institute two new prizes, the Lowok Aralangit Prize for the promotion of international cooperation, and the Green Prize for environmental efforts, which both will be awarded at the second summit each year.