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Police prevents planned attack on FICT-Games.

(Bizet). Early in the morning of Saturday last week armed forces from the police, assisted by the military arrested more than 40 persons in a number of house searches on several places in the country. During these raids the police and military forces found a large amount of weapons and explosives, as a police information officer said at a press conference in Bizet. According to the information officer the Maysorian authorities had been informed by foreign intelligence that a local Islamist organization was preparing for attacks on the FICT-games of 2019, which will take place in our country in November. Members of this organization were, disguised as soldiers or security guards, planning to detonate bombs at the games or try to shoot especially athletes from non-Muslim member states. He also stated it was likely that this local organization probably had had external help from an international Islamic network, although he did not to tell if this meant connections with IS or the two local Islamic organizations in Sri Lanka which killed more than 250 citizens in an attack on several churches in April this year. As a result of this threat the authorities of the Republic raised the level of terrorist threats to the second highest level in the whole country and even declared that several persons linked to the local Islamist organization are now wanted and that more raids throughout the country are to be expected to find these persons. Later on the same day Prime Minister Salman Faruq (Republican Party) urged however the public in a special television speech to remain calm and warned that any attempt to hunt Muslim fellow citizens shall be prevented by all means. Even other politicians, such as former foreign minister Abdul Hamid Rasul (Jamaat-e-islami MAS) condemned strongly the plans to attack the Games and said that this should not be a reason for disagreement between the different population groups and religions in our country.

Government of MAS prefers GA of FICT to take place in Kaupelan.

(Bizet) The government of the republic seems to be in favor of moving the 13th GA of FICT to Kaupelan, as Foreign Minister John Golenge recently stated on a governmental meeting. According to Mr. Golenge, Pannonia didn´t seem to be very eager to organize the coming GA as no preparations at all have been made for this rather important meeting of FICT. “Unfortunately Pannonia is probably not yet ready to organize the meeting, so it is in my view preferable to move the coming meeting of the GA to Kaupelan, as this member state is next on the list of meetings of the GA, so that could be suitable” Mr. Golenge said. Officially the government of our country hasn´t made any statement about this, but a spokesman told the press that there are some irritations within the government that it still is unclear where the meeting actually will take place but also that some of the minister's statements had been taken out of context.