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Minor earthquake rattles republic.

(Bizet). On 23 of June a 5,2-magnitude earthquake with its center around 40 kilometers north of the island of Shaoran hit our country. Panicked people across the inner city of Bizet and other cities in the country rushed out of their offices and homes as tremors shook most of the republic during several minutes. Luckily the quake hit the country around afternoon when most people were outside and the amount of death casualties seems to be low. In the city of Mardjuli on the island of Shaoran two elder people were killed when their home collapsed and until so far ten people are reported killed in other parts of the country, mainly in the north. On the other hand, many people suffered bone fractures due to falling objects and even the material damage is, especially on Shaoran rather large. The government has ordered the army to provide first aid to victims and to contribute to a provisional reconstruction of the most damaged buildings and infrastructure. Even from abroad help was offered and special rescue- and medical teams from India, Île de Romanhe and Kaupelan arrived at Darsam International Airport in order to be used to search for victims, clear up the damage and assist in the hospitals.

Although earthquakes of this seize are not unusual in our country, many houses have been constructed without a proper building plan. Municipal authorities also often have no structural safety engineers to carry out checks and according to the government this means that many people are at risk of being affected even by rather small earthquakes of magnitude of 4,5 ore more. Most of the buildings that collapsed were obviously not constructed according to the most fundamental rules of safety, professor Sunil Narine, director of the National Institute of Seismological Research explained to the press. He said that the government could do considerably more to ensure that the rules are followed and by this prevent unnecessary damages in case of minor quakes. A spokesman for the president said in an answer to this that the government will take effective measures to ensure that construction regulations will be followed in the future. But many Maysorians believe that corrupted building companies are the main cause that regulations are not followed and that fighting corruption is probably the best way to prevent damage due to earthquakes. The government of the republic will apply for a loan at the FISB for repairs on roads and other infrastructure. According to the minister of sports, Mrs. Ganuwe, the quake seems not to have caused any severe damage on the infrastructure for the FICT games of 2019, which, as was planned, will take place in November 2019.