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FICT-Games of 2019 assigned to our country.

(Porto Amargo). At the tenth summit of FICT in Amargo, the Games of FICT were assigned to our country. The new minister of sport, mrs. Joyce Ganuwe stated to be very pleased with this decision and she said it will be a great opportunity to show the other member states of FICT and even the world outside that our very sport-minded republic is able to organize such a major event. According to her she will at the coming discussions on the country´s budget make a proposal to increase the budget for sports so that proper investments can be made to modernize the stadiums that will be used for the games in 2019. Even in the Maysorian press the games dominated and although most media seemed to be looking forward to this event, some of them also expressed concern whether the government of our country could ensure that the games could be held on time and that the costs would not be too far-reaching for a small country as ours, indicating that some of the money "might not end up in the right place". In a reaction to this Mrs. Ganuwe responded fiercely that any indication of corruption would be investigated thoroughly and that the largest part of the budget would be provided by contributions from the business community and other sponsors.

Apart from the decision on which member state would organize the FICT-games of 2019, the tenth summit was completely dominated by the unexpected scandal around the FSIB, the social-investment bank of FICT, as the main point on the agenda was the general situation within all the institutions of FICT (as there seemed to be no other matter of importance to discuss at the summit). This could have been nothing more than a formality, with the responsible directors reporting on the activities of their institutes, but it turned out that the Yukkish director of FSIB, Mr. Pálssoen, was not able to present any single project funded by the bank since his appointment as director in 2016. This caused a certain amount of astonishment among some delegates as the bank was founded just to invest in social projects in the member states and most of these states actually are in need of social investments. But Mr. Pálssoen stated that lending money to several countries without any guarantee of social usage was not the purpose of the bank and instead had "applied the money and made it grow for the benefit of the organization and for future use". He said he worked according to strict rules and that there wasn´t any proof of misuse of the money, but he had just been waiting for instructions from the General Assembly.

As a result of this amazing statement of Mr. Pálssoen, the delegation of our country declared that the republic of MAS would stop any contribution to the bank if this wasn´t investigated thoroughly, and then submitted a motion in order to investigate the (mal)functioning of the bank and its director. This motion was supported by the delegates of New Courland, Île de Romanhe and Voskia, but, and one can really wonder why, not by the other member states which seemed to be quite unwilling to investigate the scandal and thus the vote of the chairwoman Ms Shonshuu was needed to obtain a majority so that the motion could be passed. On the other hand, the delegations feared that the situation within the other institutes of FICT could be similar, and member state Adzhatia submitted a second motion in order to investigate the relation between FICT and its organizations and also this motion was accepted (although even here five of the member states voted against or abstained). President Keridavian and Prime Minister Salman Faruq said after their arrival at Darsam International Airport to the press that in any case it had become clear that FICT has to have more control over its organizations so that similar scandals can be avoided in the future. They also said that the republic will coordinate the team that will investigate the FSIB and report to the coming General Assembly next year.