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Government of republic applies officially for membership of FICT

(Bizet). Last week the government of the republic handed over the official application of our country for the membership of FICT to the honourable mrs. Pēneupē Vavauzīc, the current secretary general of this organization. FICT (Forum for International Cooperation and Trade) will have its next annual general assembly in May in Kingsbury, the capital of Guelphia, an island state in the Pacific, and on this meeting, where both prime minister Keridavian and president Nuruddin will be present, a decision can be made about the admission of our country as a new member state. In a letter to the governments of the member states of this organization, prime minister Oliver Keridavian explains why the republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran found it necessary to apply for membership of FICT. According to the prime minister, FICT is exactly what our country needs right now. Membership of this rather new organization will stimulate both the economy and supply our country with a highly needed net-work for cooperation with similar states. Although the republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran already gained the membership of both the African Union and several other international organizations since independence was proclaimed for almost twenty three years ago, the main opinion is that these organizations often operate on a very large scale, too large for such a small country as our republic. FICT, on the other hand, is mostly seen as a contrast with these large organizations. All member states of FICT are smaller low-income states, many times quite isolated and cooperation between them is thus essential for a good economic and political development of such states. In order to discus this matter and to find out whether there are any obstacles for the admission of the republic as a new member of FICT, foreign minister Abdul Hamid Rasul will in the coming months travel to the member states of FICT and meet his colleagues.

President abandons plan to run for a new period

(Bizet). President Muhammad Nuruddin stated this week that he no longer runs for a new period as president when his current term of office expires next year and also will resign from all political functions then. The statement of the president came rather unexpected, because only two months ago he still declared that he would be a candidate for the elections of 2016. Eighty one year old Muhammad Nuruddin came to power in a coup d´etat in 1998 and was re-elected as president ever since.