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Taratai is the region around the Taratai sea in the south-west of the "Great Contintent" on the planet Durdaste.

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region on Durdaste
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Durdaste is the second planet in a binary solar system.

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Taratai consists of four large regions: Utai, Amagome, Demani, and Tai. Amagome has warm, but mostly also very dry climates and is the cradle of the Tarataian civilizations, which subsequently spread to Utai. The southern regions Demani and Tai have cold winters and were original covered with forests, but developed to become agricultural nations in the past millennium.

Amagome and Utai are separated from the desert of Kiangazi in the north by a mountain range. An even higher mountain range separates Amagome and Demani from the steppes of Samak and taiga of Tangbangtroi. Because of these geographical barriers there is virtually no contact with the world outside Taratai. Contact over sea is also nearly impossible, because the seas northwest of Utai are populated by sea monsters that attack anything they believe to be pray. The main habitat of these sea monsters is a shallow sea further north that is several times larger than the whole of Taratai.


There are over 50 countries in Taratai, the smallest of which have a few thousand inhabitants, while the largest has almost 40 million.

The following countries have pages in English:

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It is not known how many languages are spoken in Taratai, but the number is probably larger even than the number of countries. Some of these languages are used as lingua franca in large areas with millions or even tens of millions of speakers (even if it is a second language for many of them), while others are tiny and may even be threatened with extinction.

The category "Languages of Taratai" lists the languages with a page in English. It also lists a subcategory describing the writing systems used to write all of these languages.


Most of the religions in Taratai worship the two suns around which the planet of Durdaste revolves. The main exception is Yrshanism, which currently also is the only religion with a page in English.