Strait of Divis

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The Strait of Divis (internationally known as the Strait of Otranto) connects the Adriatic Sea with the Ionian Sea and divides the mainland of Voskia from the Gurdian island. It is named after the Voskian capital of Divis. Since controlling both shores of the canyon gives the controller an enormous strategical advantage over the Adriatic Sea, especially the Republic of Venice made a point of it in the past of controlling at least the passageway and if possible Voskia as a whole. During the Sicilian/Italian and Ottoman rule over Voskia resp. Gurdia until 1912, the Strait of Divis formed the (sea) border between both nations, but after that, Italy became the sole controller of the Strait, until after the second world war.

In 1948 an international treaty was concluded with the newly independent kingdom of Voskia that the latter would refrain indefinitely from obstructing other nations' ships passing through. Although Voskia officially complied willingly, historians claim a threat was made that Voskia would be divided between Italy and Albania, something that especially the Voskians didn't want. During the military rule of Voskia (1993 - 1996) especially Italy pressurised Voskia to comply with the treaty.

Recently, there have been plans to build a large motorway bridge across the Strait, in order to connect Rāģidz with Màjmal and Divis, but the last governments considered all plans too expensive.