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The Kingdom of Sambekistan (Sambeke: Basaljpăsĕ Sambeqqĭ Staed; Maxĩn-Wacamakalit: Pasalypas qaqak Sampekkistawit; Vivilakees: Basalypaisy Stiad Sambeke, Nisurisch: Basalċùsiht Sambehj Staedt; Cefalu: Samebecista ...; Voorlands: Somkelun ; Karandees: Sambekdice Voluszags, Holgun: súl-Sombek õ-Mãb) is a country in the continental region of Taratai on the planet of Durdaste (Taratai project). In its current form the kingdom has existed for eighteen years, ever since the Act of Qĭqaotj was passed, which confirmed the current form of government. Sambekistan borders Thurilia to the north, Yoğor and Tangbangtroi to the east, Thandirat and the ice fields of Tuyet to the south, and Dogau and Uhh to the west. The head of state is the king, but the executive power lies with the King-Steward. The capital of Sambekistan is Qĭqaotj / Kykawc.

Much more information about Sambekistan can be found on the Dutch version of this page.