Roburts Rasnačs

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Roburts Rasnačs (also known as Roburt Rasnach, born 7 November 1956 in Zelta Kalni, New Courland) is a diplomat and former ambassador of New Courland to, among others, Argentina and the United States of America. He also worked for the OAS. Currently, he is the Permanent Representative of New Courland to the Exumbran Convention. An idealist, he supported New Courland's affiliation with the rest of the Caribbean, and in the '80s he was about to present a plan to start talks about a second attempt to form a West Indies Federation, but political opposition thwarted him before the plan reached the Diet. Often mentioned as possible minister of foreign affairs, he never sought a position in government, but is regularly asked to use his diplomatic skills in minor regional issues. Rasnačs is not a member of any political party.

Family and private life

Rasnačs was married for almost thirty years to New Courland tennis player Lydia Booth (*1957), until their divorce in 2009. He remarried in early 2011 to businesswoman Pascale Bourgarel. Rasnačs is father to one daughter with Lydia Booth, Irene.

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