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The republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean (100 S and 650 E) and consists of three main islands; Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran and a dozen smaller islands. The country has more than four hundred thousand inhabitants, of which a quarter live in the capital Bizet. The republic of MAS was proclaimed independent in 1992 after the archipelago had been separated from Mauritius, which together with Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran had become independent in 1968. Until that year it was a British colony. The population descends from both the first European colonists, Arab traders who settled on the islands, African slaves and from Indian indentured laborers, who were imported to work on sugar cane plantations after slavery in the nineteenth century was abolished. The republic lays a claim to the Chagos-archipelago (800 km to the east) and the Agalega-islands, 700 km to the west. In 2015, the country joined FICT and the Alliance of Fictional States.

Map republiek MAS.jpg
Republic of MAS
country in East- Africa
Capital: Bizet (105,340 inh.)

Number of inhabitants: 420,565 (2021)

Surface: 874 km2

Density of population: 481 inh./km2

Form of government: Republic

Head of state: president Haseena Begum

Language: English (official)

Currency: rupee

BNP per capita: 7,495 USD


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The archipelago consists of three main islands and about ten smaller islands. These are the rests of a prehistorical volcano and most of the islands are made of volcanic rock. The islands are quite hilly and on Maysoran and Algheran these hills rise up to over a thousand meters. The soil is extremely fertile and the islands are covered by a lush vegetation.


The islands of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran have a tropical, maritime climate. The average temperature varies from 240 C in July to 290 C in March. There are two seasons, the rainy period from December to February (nortwestern monsoon) and the dry period between May and October, when the winds blow from the southeast. The humidity is most of the time high, especially in the higher regions of the country. The worst heat is diminished by a constant blowing wind from the sea. The average annual rainfall is about 2200 mm.


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GDP: $ 3,152 million (2020)
Currency: (Maysorian) Rupee (1 Rupee = $ 0.004)
Inflation: 10% (2020)
Unemployment: 3,5% (2020)
Working population: agriculture (26%), industry (16%), services (43%), tourism (15%)
Export: agricultural products (tea),food, textile
Import: oil, coal, technological products, food
Main trade partners: Eastern Africa, India, Australia, China
Main companies: Maysorian Airways, Shad Devi Hotels & Tourist Resorts, Bizet Shankar Textile Industries
Important newspapers: The Maysorian Nation (daily edition of 28,000 copies)


The republic has one international airport: Darsam International Airport and some other minor airports

Basic information

Population growth: 1,5% (2020) (See; Statistics Republic of MAS) or; Numbers of inhabitants per city and island

Average life expectation: mail 62,9 yr., femail 70,6 yr. (2020)

Litteracy: 82%

Universities: State University of Bizet


  • 2 daily newspapers
  • 3 state television channels and 2 commercial channels
  • 6 radio channels

Main exportproducts: (cane)sugar, cocos, textiles. Tourism and fisheries are important and also the financial contributions of employers from the republic working abraod.

Main importproducts: technological products, fuel (oil and coal), chemical products, food.

Time zone: GMT +5


  • Islam 41 %
  • Christianity 33 %
  • Hinduism 24 %
  • Other 2 %


  • English (official language)
  • French
  • Creole
  • Hindi

Connections with the outside world: International Airport Darsam