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Port de Boiguehenneuc is the capital of Île de Romanhe and is unofficially often called Bwazhe. The town has about 40,000 inhabitants and was founded as the settlement of Port Napoléon in 1861 by Pierre L'Augurque in order to confirm French sovereignty over Île de Boiguehenneuc (as Île de Romanhe was called then). In 1871 the name of the city was changed into Port de Boiguehenneuc.

Until the '20s of the 20th century, Port de Boiguehenneuc didn't have more than some thousand inhabitants, mainly soldiers, French officials, deported prisoners and some fishermen. After the ban was lifted that prevented the indigenous Ilya Romans from living in the settlement, its population grew rapidly. In 1939, a large part of the town was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. There are plans for a large-scale renovation of the town, but the implementation of it goes rather slowly and the city lacks a good city planning. Most of the new quarters of the city, like Garaozan, Dozoir and Cité de la Poubelle, are slums that have got an official status afterwards.

Port de Boiguehenneuc consists of seven quarters; Centre, Fez-en-Bwaazje, Sur-les-Dulmes-de-Bernard, Quatre Maisons, Garaozan, Cité de la Poubelle and Dozoir