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country in Europe
Capital: Creotoni
Head of State: Queen Victoria IV
Population: 20 thousand
Surface: 220.35 km²
Religion: Protestant
Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
UTC:+1 (summer +2)
Official language: English, French, Pomalian
National Holiday: 30 September
Currency: euro (EUR)
Anthem:Pomalia, me mase e prid. (Pomaly, my home and pride.)

The Kingdom of Pomaly is a little island between England and France. The country counts 800 thousand inhabitants and is only 220.35 km² big. The capital of the country is Creotoni, which counts only 20 thousand inhabitants. The country has always been in war, not because of themselves but England and France fought about whose island it was. Since 1800 the country has been independent, because France has had it's own revolution and England wasn't interested in the country anymore. The current Head of State is Queen Victoria IV, who reigns since 1994, the previous Head of State was King Georgius XII.