Pjotaŕ Iĺicśŭn

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Pjotaŕ Iĺicśŭn (Пјотаʀ Іљіцшўн, born ca. 1915, died 27 September 1990) was the third and last chairman of the presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Adzhatian A.S.S.R. before it gained independence. Pjotaŕ Iĺicśŭn was officially listed as brother of former chairman Miheĺ Iĺicśŭn, but since the exact records of people born before 1940 were lost during the relocation of the Adzhatian people and the facts that Pjotaŕ Iĺicśŭn was obviously much younger than his predecessor and that they didn't at all look like each other, there is some doubt whether or not they were really brothers.

Pjotaŕ Iĺicśŭn was appointed chairman of the presidium four days after the death of his predecessor. Moscow wasn't very fond of the new chairman but he was left in power anyway. Official Russian administrators were sent to Adzhatia to make sure the right policies were followed. It is said that Iĺicśŭn was shot dead in September 1990 after he refused to issue an order to have the protests stopped that would eventually lead to the Adzhatian independence. Whether the story of these events is correct or not, Iĺicśŭn's death did cause the protests to intensify and within a week the governmental buildings in Bazăŕ Gĕĺ (present day Ashtinok) were occupied by the crowd. Iĺicśŭn's son Miheĺ Pjotarśŭn was appointed provisional leader of an independent Adzhatia.

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