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OpenGeofiction (OGF) is a collaborative platform launched on 1 September 2013 where mappers create a fictional world about the size of earth itself, with a totally different set of countries and continents. It is based on the OpenStreetMap software platform, which means that all map editors and other tools suitable for OpenStreetMap can be used to build OGF's fictional world.

This world is set in modern times, so it doesn't have orcs or elves, but rather power plants, motorways and housing projects. But also picturesque old towns, beautiful national parks and lonely beaches. Different users in OGF view OGF in different ways. For some, it's an exciting creative adventure, a challenging construction puzzle, or an epic tapestry of interwoven stories. For others, it's a relaxing meditation, an immersion in imagination, or perhaps the largest piece of artwork ever created — equal in size to the Earth itself.

Currently, it is an experiment in mapping an imaginary world; it is in constant evolution (work in progress). The map may evolve over time more rapidly and more dramatically than what occurs on real Earth.

The map

Currently, there are four continents (Archanta, Antarephia, Tarephia and Uletha) opened to all mappers, with four other continents not available for mapping and still under development. The list of the nations in OGF sorted by the respective continents can be found here.

There is an overview map as a guide for new users to know where to map.


On 2 August 2014, the OGF wiki was launched to describe the places in the OGF world or as a platform for guides such as making realistic countries or towns from scratch. Normally new users will attain a wiki user account after they acquire a territory or sending a request to the site administrators. However, there are rules against copyright violations and overwikification, a term used for well-written places with little mapping. Such violations may result in a wiki ban or block by the site administrators.

On the wiki itself, there is a forum for general discussion and announcements. It was introduced recently in August 2017 after requests for a better platform for discussions, besides the current User Diaries. It is currently the primary centre for open discussions, and there is a debate on what the role of User Diaries will be in the future.


More details : About OpenGeofiction

Certain policies have been created to encourage realism and effective collaboration in the OGF world.

Be realistic
Keep it real. No fantasy, science fiction, joke countries, etc. This means that it will create a universe that resembles Earth, but which is not Earth: it looks quite similar, but it is completely different in all details.
Be original
No imports from OSM. No copying trademarked maps.
No extensive copying of real-world geography. Avoid using well-known place names, real or fictional. No real-world companies or organizations.
All wiki images—photos and artwork—must be free to use, and must contain a link to the source and/or copyright info. All Open Geofiction wiki text must be original.
No copying others' mapping, without their permission.
Be respectful
No mapping in others' countries or moving the borders of others' countries without their permission. No writing about others' countries in the Open Geofiction wiki without permission.
Respect the open seas by following the rules for sea borders, island building, and shipping lines.
One's country cannot be changed beyond its shape on the overview map. For borders with unclaimed neighbour countries, only a recommended 10 km change of the original line is allowed.
No sockpuppets. Only one account per user.
No vandalism. No offensive or insulting content.
No "empires of paper" in the Open Geofiction wiki—avoid overwikification.
Be active
After a prolonged period of inactivity, such territories will be marked for withdrawal. Then, if still no activity happens or nothing is heard from inactive users during the following several weeks, the territory will be free for other users to claim, and the admins will have the account terminated.

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