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Oliver Keridavian

Oliver Keridavian is 57 years old (1959) and comes from the (Hindu) Indian population on the archipelago. K is since 1982 married with Nupur Kidwai (1961) and they have four children. His parents had a shop in foodstuffs in Bizet. K studied economics in Chandigarh (India) and Melbourne (Australia) and he became politically active after 1992, first by becoming a member of the Independence Party (which was forbidden after the coup d´etat of 1998) and in 1998 of the recently established Party for National Renewal. K supported the coup because he realized that only the army could save the country from the increasing political chaos, although he was not a military himself. His first contacts with Muhammad Nuruddin were after Nuruddins formal election as President in 2000 (and the installation of a civil government, although the army behind the scenes kept control). In this government K became Minister of Economic Affairs and he was responsible for the economic recovery and the reform of the country's economy. K was regarded as an opportunist who never criticized the repressive policy of the PNR, which he thought was necessary to stabilize the relations between the different communities and to reform the economy and got on well personally with Nuruddin (who needed politicians who could carry out the policy of the PNR). K was appointed as Prime Mnister in 2010 and in 2016 he was chosen as president of the republic.