Office of the Exumbran Convention

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The Permanent Preparational Office (PPO) and Permanent Preparational Council (PPC), together often referred to as "the office of the Exumbran Convention", are in charge of preparation of Exumbran Council acts and legislation, and administration. The PPC consists of one Permanent Representative per member state. The Secretary General is in charge of the PPO and presides the PPC.

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Current Permanent Representatives to the Exumbran Convention
Bohatiŕ Kerećei AdzhatFlag.gifJorge Mendes Miguel Chimorflag.gifŊuak Lau DhramPhaFlag.pngAbdul Lanuyau HarrawiFlag.gif & Kpwanghuflag.pngE Hagan Huenanflag.pngKaĭta Kadidariri Xusqaikama-flag.gifIna Twaelfterpen-Nieboer Kronenburgflag.gifRoburts Rasnačs Flagnwcrld.png