Nkwele na Ɣuru

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Nkwele na Ɣuru ( Gbene-u.pngGbene-r.pngGbene-u.pngGbene-gh.pngGbene-n.pngGbene-e.pngGbene-l.pngGbene-e.pngGbene-nkw.png; 'truth and liberty') is the only daily newspaper in Kpwahele & Nɣurumba. It was originally founded in 1957 by Joseph-Nmawu Nkweza as the party newsletter of RANU, but became officially an independent newspaper in 1974.

This page links to English on-line editions of Nkwele na Ɣuru containing a selection of main news stories from the original edition in Gbene in reverse chronological order (newest on top).

  • 2014 edition : HIDE report (April 4).
  • 2013 edition : Kɣamu re-elected (October 8); visit to Chimor (July 26); National Council elections (May 27); EDC funding requests (April 5); parliament dissolution (March 22).
  • 2012 edition : district elections (September 18); Exumbran Convention (August 24).