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This page contains news in English from the republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran

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  • February - In March the Republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran will start the first vaccinations against Covid-19, as our country recently received the first ten thousand doses of two vaccines, Covaxin and Covishield from India. The drug regulating authorities of the republic issued an emergency approval for two vaccins and according to the Ministry of Health the first doses will be given to four main priority groups; healthcare workers, people over 50, people under 50 with comorbidities and public workers.


  • November - President Haseena Begum congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris after their victory in the American presidential elections and called it a victory for democracy.
  • August - Ms Haseena Begum (SPM) has won the second round of the presidential elections on Monday 24 and is thus the next president of the Republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran.
  • August - Ms Haseena Begum (SPM) seems to be the great winner of the first round in the presidential elections held on Monday 10, with 40% of all votes. Second was Mr Rakesh Sengupta (RP) with 24%, whilst former foreign minister Abdul Hamid Rasul (independent candidate) got 16% and current president Oliver Keridavian (PNR) 15%. The candidate of JIMAS, Mr Iqbal Ahmed ended with a somewhat dissapointing 5% of all votes. As none of the candidates got more than 50%, there will be a second round, to be held on Monday, August 24 between Ms Haseena Begum and Mr Rakesh Sengupta.
  • June - The government has set a new date for the presidential elections to take place, it will now be held on August 10. As President Keridavian's official term of office expired recently, the chairman of Parliament, Mr. Arjun Bhattacharya, was according to the constitution of the Republic, appointed as interim President until a new elected president can be installed.
  • April - Former president Muhammad Nuruddin passed away at the age of 85.
  • April - As the first cases of corona now have been determined, the government has declared the state of emergency and issued a general curfew for all citizens of the republic, but in some areas this led to protests as the residents fear they will lose their income. Also the presidential election of June is postponed, which could have certain consequences as the current presidential term according to the law ends in June.
  • March - As a result of the ongoing Corona epidemic, the government of the Republic has taken a number of measures to limit the spread of the virus to our country. Air traffic will be restricted and only citizens of the republic and those who have a residence permit are allowed to enter the country. To date, no cases of infection with the Corona virus have been detected in our country.
  • January - The government of the Republic has appointed Mr Vijay Kuptar as the new ambassador of the Republic to FICT after Mrs. Haseena Begum chose to resign.
  • January - Mr Abdul Hamid Rasul, the former Foreign Minister of the Republic, said this week that he will stand as a candidate in the presidential elections to be held in June this year. He also said he will run as an independent candidate and thus leave JIMAS. According to inofficial sources, this is the result of a power struggle between him and the aging leader of JIMAS, Mr Iqbal Ahmed, who again was chosen as the official candidate for the elections. Even other parties have nominated their candidates, as the Republican Party already nominated Rakesh Sengupta and even president Keridavian said he will run for a second mandate. One of the most surprising candidates though, seems to be Mrs. Haseena Begum for the SPM, although the party hasn´t officially nominated her due to the fact that Mrs Begum still is ambassador of the Republic to FICT.


  • December - Today a memorial ceremony was held to honor the almost 7,000 victims of the huge tsunami waves that hit our country and swept away several communities along the coast of the islands of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran on the second Christmas day of 2004.
  • November - The FICT Games that were held in our country in November have been a great succes, according to the authorities of the Republic, although the sportive performance of our country was somewhat disappointing. But there was also quite some criticism about the organization of the Games and especially about the "special detainment" of hundreds of persons during the games by the police and armed forces.
  • May - More than 40 people were arrested in raids on several places in the country by the police and military against a local islamic organization with plans for a major attack on the FICT Games in November.
  • January - The government of the republic appointed mrs. Haseena Begum as the new ambassador to FICT.
  • January - The comittee responsible for the organization of the FICT Games in our country presented the program and announced the dates and places for the games. All member states are now requested by the comittee to register the participating athletes.


  • June - A 5,2-magnitude earthquake hit our country on June 23. Panicked people across the country rushed out of their offices and homes as tremors shook most of the republic during several minutes. Luckily the amount of death casualties was low, because the quake took place in the afternoon, but there were many injured and many buildings were damaged.
  • May - At the summit of FICT in New Courland, former Prime Minister Mr. Faiz Rahman was appointed as the new director of FISB. The bank was also the main issue at the General Assembly as the bank's function report was discussed.
  • February - The government of the republic condemns the state of emergency in neighbouring country the Maledives. Maldivian military stormed this week the Supreme Court in an attempt to prevent the release of detained opposition politicians, including former President Mohamed Nasheed. According to our government, president Yameen should respect the decision of the Supreme Court.


  • November - The government of the republic welcomes the resignation of mr. Robert Mugabe. In a official response from the Maysorian government, Prime Minister Salman Faruq said he hoped that the people of Zimbabwe now could face a future of freedom and prosperity and he gratulated mr. Mnangagwa on his appointment as president.
  • November - According to the latest population figures of our country, the population of the republic will reach 400,000 inhabitants this month. The total population growth of 2017 is expected to be around 1,7 % or about 6700 people which means that population growth is decreasing.
  • November - At the tenth summit of FICT it was decided that the republic will organize the FICT Games of 2019.
  • June - At the last day of the FICT Games in Kaupelan, Vera Kush won a gold medal by winning the women's marathon and Ahktar Alauddin (water marathon) won a bronze medal and thus the results of the games for our country have been quite good with two gold medals, one silver and one bronze.
  • June - The two parties RP and SPM, which together have a majority in the parliament after the elections, agreed about the new government. John Golenge (SPM) is the new minister of foreign affairs, but Rakesh Sengupta, the leader of the RP, declared that it would be better if somebody else would be prime minister, to avoid to disturb the delicate balance between the three main religions in the country, and the new prime minister will be Salman Faruq, vice chairman of the RP.
  • June - The results for both the volleybal and footbal teams of our country at the FICT Games in Kaupelan have been quite disappointing, as they lost almost all matches, but June 9, Abir Khan (sailing) won the first medal (silver), and June 10, short distance runner Abdul Rahman won 400 meter athletics (gold). Thousands of happy people took to the street to celebrate this victory.
  • June - The parliamentary elections resultet in a loss for both the PNR and JIMAS. The RP and SPM on the other hand, gained many seats in the parliament and will now form a new government.
  • May 2017 - On June 8, there will be held parliamentary elections and all political parties are campaigning. In the polls the PNR (the governing party) seems to lose some seats, while both the Republican Party and the Socialist Party are gaining seats.
  • May 2017 - The honorable sir Habibul Alauddin was elected as judge in the Juridical committee of FICT for a period of six months.


  • August 2016 - The first game for the Maysorian team in the Voskian Rugby Cup 2016 turned into a minor catastrophe, losing aginst Kaupelan with 56-7. Even the second match against Palana and the third match against Issel were lost, so the disappointment about these poor results will probably lead to the immediate dismissal of (the Kaupelanese) coach Farid Tambarsaruwa of the Maysorian team.
  • June 2016 - After the second round in the presidential elections on June 16, it is clear that former prime minister Oliver Keridavian (PNR) has been chosen as the new president of the republic. Mr Keridavian got 62 % of the votes and Mr. Golenge 38%. However, the turnout in the elections was very low, only 62 % of the total electorate voted and many stated that they boycotted the elections, because they believed it was drawn up in advance. Protests broke out in several cities against the result of the election and the bigger news papers of the republic published articles in which was said that "in a real democracy, Mr. Keridavian would never have been elected".
  • June 2016 - After the first round in the presidential elections on June 2, none of the candidates got more than 50 %. The candidate of the PNR, Oliver Keridavian, and the candidate of the SPM, John Golenge, will continue to the next round, which will be held on June 16. But according to the candidates of the RP and JIMAS, who were seen as favorites, this is probably the result of fraud and many of their supporters took to the streets in order to protest against the results of the elections. But the government says the elections were as fair as could be and this was even confirmed by the African Union.
  • May 2016 - On May 20, a minor earth-quake was felt in the whole country. The quake, with a magnitude of 5, caused some panic, but no severe damage or death casualties were reported.
  • May 2016 - On May 7, the 7th General Assembly of FICT was held in Bizet. At this GA the member states joined in a solution for the ongoing issue of the FFTA, by just abolishing and replacing it by a new free trade agreement on a voluntary basis. Prime minister Faiz Rahman was very satisfied with the fact that this difficult matter after so many years finally could come to a solution and said the republic would sign the new treaty immediately. Although the present member states could not agree in another issue, the removal of all the visa limitations for citizens of FICT member states, the prime minister called the GA for a great success, also due to the fact that two new member states, Pannonia and Amargo were admitted (increasing the amount of member states of FICT to thirteen) and the establishment of the Secretariat of Scientific Cooperation (FSSC).
  • May 2016 - Prime minister Faiz Rahman and foreign minster Abdul Hamid Rasul attended the World Economic Forum on Africa in Kigali, Rwanda from May 11 to 13. In his speech the prime minister emphasized on the importance of a new it-revolution for Africa as a key for economic development.
  • March 2016 - The Islamic party JIMAS announced their candidate for the presidential elections of June. Mr Iqbal Ahmed, a 42 years old lawyer, was chosen at the congress of JIMAS in Surati and will now run for president, beside the three other candidates; mr. Oliver Keridavian (PNR), Rakesh Sengupta (RP) and mr. John Golenge (SPM).
  • January 2016 - Rakesh Sengupta, former manager-director of Maysorian telecom, has announced that he will run for president for the Republican Party in June.
  • January 2016 - President Nuruddin suddenly dismissed prime minister Oliver Keridavian in the first week of the new year. According to some sources it is possibly just a political game so Oliver Keridavian can run for president in June. As new prime minister, president Nuruddin appointed the current minister of the interior, mr. Faiz Rahman.


  • December 2015 - Many people had gathered on Darsam international airport to welcome the athletic team of our country when they arrived there just some days before Christmas, after the FICT Games in Île de Romanhe had ended. Especially Vidyul Banerjee, who won a bronze medal in triathlon and Anil Sokrash, the glorious winner of the marathon were enthusiastically welcomed by the crowd. Although the performance of both the football team and the volleyball team of our country had been quite disappointing, many inhabitants of the republic said to be very happy about the fine performances of Banerjee and Sokrash at the FICT Games.
  • November 2015 - On the conference of FICT held on November 7 in Yutyrama, prime minster Oliver Keridavian seems to be heavily misinformed about the proposal concerning the changing of the Free Trade Agreement of FICT. At first the prime minister says he plans to vote in favour of the change, but when he is informed during the meeting that this change actually means that the exception on fish- and agricultural products in the Agreement is to be removed, the prime minister suddenly changes his mind and declares he cannot vote in favour of this change in the agreement. "Taking away the possibility to protect our fishery and agricultural export could in fact seriously damage our economy," is now the new point of view of the PM. Finally, no decision was taken, due to other circumstances, and the proposal is postponed to the next meeting of the GA, which will be held in our capital Bizet in May 2016. But critics say that they are about to loose confidence in the PM, because of this quite remarkable misstake of mr. Keridavian and maybe it should be time for some changes in the government.
  • November 2015 - The government of the republic has announced that by the end of this year visitors from other FICT countries will not have to apply for a visa anymore when entering our country, at least for a stay shorter than 3 months, this according to the Visa Agreement of FICT in which the republic is a participant.
  • June 2015 - The parliament of the republic ratified the Ísðor Treaty on June 26. Former minister of Foreign Affairs,the honourable mr. Rajesh Mandal, is from June 29 appointed by the government as ambassador to FICT.
  • May 2015 - On the conference of FICT held on May 2nd in the Guelphian capital of Kingsbury, the republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran becomes a member of FICT.
  • March 2015- President Nuruddin has stated (unexpectedly) that he no longer will run for a new period when his current term of office expires in 2016. He also said that he will then resign from every other polical function.
  • February 2015 - The government of the republic will apply for membership of FICT at the conference of this organization in Guelphia in May.
  • January 2015 - Muhammad Nuruddin declares that he is in for a new term as president of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran, despite protests from the population. Muhammad Nuruddin became president in 1998 after a coup d'etat and was (re-)elected ever since and now plans for a fifth term in 2016.