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This page contains a brief summary in English of international and national news from the republic of Île de Romanhe. For the English translation of Bulletin de Île de Romanhe, see; [1].

News in brief from Île de Romanhe News in brief from Île de Romanhe (2)
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News in brief from the republic of MAS


  • July 2019 Hard winds and heavy rainfall have caused a lot of damage to buildings and infrastructure in the last week. The weather forecast institute of Île de Romanhe expects that the extreme stormy weather will continue the whole week and the government has issued a warning to all inhabitants on the country side to seek shelter.
  • July 2019 Recently the coach of the national (male) footbal team, Peter Larsson (Marckonia) was fired and replaced by Jayden Boshoff from South Africa. The main reason, according to Thimard Mâchefer, president of the Ilya Roman Football Association, was that the Ilya Roman team hadn´t qualified for the African Football Championship that are held in Egypt this month.
  • June 2019 President Bonamy and foreign minister Thémarel-Kernès attended the 61th meeting of the AGL in the European country Pannonia.
  • June 2019 The ruling coalition of URIR and FKR suffered a significant loss in the parliamentary elections that were held on 5 June, but Prime Minister Guillaume Keztil-Surt will probably remain in office with the support of the PPP. The two government parties Union Républicaine and Floq Kamzher Romanhe (liberal peoples party) each lost 2 seats in the Azemble Romanhe. The FS (Floq socialiste) won 4 seats and the PPP (Parti pour le Progrès du Peuple) one seat.
  • May 2019 Former president Aristide Faroz-Zaran fled to South-Africa only one day before the public prosecutor had completed his investigation on Faroz-Zaran into fraud and bribe and issued an arrest warrant for him.


  • June 2018 Guimarc Bonamy has won the second round in the presidential elections of June 15 and is the new president of Île de Romanhe. Bonamy got 60 % of the votes and his opponent François Thémarel-Kernès 40 %.
  • January The government of Île de Romanhe congratulates Mr Bautasars Kustādzas, who won the presidential elections in Voskia on January 28.
  • January 2018 The national election committee decided that the presidential elections will be held on June 8 this year. Current president Faroz-Zaran (FNIR) has officially stated that he will run for a second presidential term. His main opponents are likely to be the former prime minister Guillaume Keztil-Surt (URIR) and the current Foreign minster [François Thémarel-Kernès (FKR). Other candidates are Jean Orange Forestier, leader of the PPP (Parti pour le Progrès du Peuple) and possibly former prime minister and foreign minister Guimarc Bonamy, but this is still unclear. There are certain rumors though that he will stand as candidate for the socialist party (FS), which means that he will leave the national party (FNIR).


  • November - The government of Île de Romanhe has not made any official statement about the recent change of power in Zimbabwe, and many inhabitants of our country believe that president Faroz-Zaran fears the same fate as mr. Mugabe.
  • November - The tenth summit of FICT was dominated by the unexpected scandal around the social-investment bank of FICT (FSIB), as it turned out that the bank had not funded any single project since 2016 and a motion, supported by our delegation and those of three other member states, was submitted to investigate the (mal)functioning of the bank and even its director.
  • June 2017 At the last day of the FICT Games in Kaupelan it became clear that the Ilya Roman athletes did do quite well, as Cyprien Varq-Faroz, who ran the marathon won a silver medal, while Lionel Grand-Bois also won a silver medal in swimming 100 m freestyle on June 15. Even the men´s football team, although unfortunately losing against Amargo in the semi-finals, had the best result ever, the 4th place. The Ilya Roman athletes were welcomed by a huge happy crowd when they arrived at the national airport.
  • May 2017 In August the 59th conference of the AGL will be held in the city of Port Augurq.
  • May 2017 Due to the fact that Port de Boiguehenneuc is the cultural capital of the AGL this year, a large exhibition about 30 years of AGL-history was opened in the national museum. Also a couple of artists and writers from several countries of the AGL performed this autumn.
  • April The Azemble Romanhe voted in favor of both the Treaty Of Aralethe and Jarjana and decided to ratify these treaties on April 10.


  • August 2016 - The outcome of the referendum about the membership of the AGL turned out to be a victory for those who wanted to stay within the AGL; 61 % of the voters voted for membership, 36% against (3 % of the votes were not valid). As a result of this, president Faroz-Zaran fired prime-minister Keztil-Surt and replaced him by the relatively unknown Mervin Urzine.
  • July 2016 - Om July 30 a referendum will be held on whether Île de Romanhe will remain a member of the AGL or not. The government says the membership of this organization has not been of much use for the country and also the outcome of the Supreme Court of the AGL was a disappointment for the government and a reason to question the membership. The Supreme Court decided last week to reject the Ilya Roman demands to declare the outcome of the elections on the AGL summit in March invalid.
  • May 2016 - The Azemble Romanhe (Ilya Roman parliament) ratified on May 25 the new Free Trade Agreement of Bizet.
  • May 2016 - The Ilya Roman government has appointed mr. Thimard Bonamy as the new Ilya Roman ambassador for FICT.
  • May 2016 - President Faroz-Zaran and prime minister Keztil-Surt attended the 7th General Assembly of FICT which was held in Bizet, the capital of the republic of MAS. According to the president and the prime minister, it was a good summit, as finally a solution was found for the ongoing issue of the FFTA, by just abolishing and replacing it by a new free trade agreement on a voluntary basis, two states, Pannonia and Amargo, became member of FICT and the establishment of the Secretariat of Scientific Cooperation (FSSC).
  • May 2016 - President Faroz-Zaran and prime minister Keztil-Surt attended the World Economic Forum on Africa in Kigali, Rwanda from May 11 to 13.
  • March 2016 - The government of Île de Romanhe opposes the outcome of the elections on the AGL-summit and wants the Supreme Court of the AGL to declare the results of these elections invalid, because they are seen as a result of the disparagingly attitude of several other member states of the AGL. Other sources say though that this just became an issue used by president Faroz-Zaran in order to raise his extremely low popularity figures.
  • March 2016 - In Port de Boiguehenneuc the new bus station in the west of the city was opened.


  • 31 December 2015 - In his traditional speech to commemorate the independence of our country, president Faroz-Zaran said that Île de Romanhe, after 33 years of independence, has matured, both economically and socially, referring not only to the succesfull FICT-games but also to the rapid economical development of the past years. Until 1982 Île de Romanhe was a French colony (Département de Île de Boiguehenneuc), but on 31 December that year, it became independent of France.
  • December 2015 - On the evening before December 1, the FICT Games of 2015 were officially opened by mr. Bryand Mâchefer, president of the Ilya Roman Organizing Committee for the FICT Games of 2015, followed by the presentation of all participating teams in the Jacques Urz-Bolhe stadium in Port de Boiguehenneuc and a spectaculair fireworks, all live broadcasted on both local television, internet and by satellite transmission directly to all the participating nations. The first football (opening) match however, between Île de Romanhe and Voskia, didn´t start very well for our country, as Voskia won the game with 1-0. In volleyball, the Îlya Roman team won of Adzhatia with 8-7.
  • On December 21, the Games ended and although the performances of the Ilya Roman athletes were somewhat disappointing, almost everybody agreed that the organization of the games had become a great success for our country. Yutyrama won the Games with two gold medals and one silver, while Île de Romanhe ended on the eighth place in the competition with two silver and two bronze medals.
  • November 2015 - Only some weeks before the start of the FICT Games, the public prosecutor of Île de Romanhe has launched an investigation into alleged corruption by president Faroz-Zaran. The investigation applies to the construction of the football stadium "Stade de Jacques Urz-Bolhe", that was build especially for the football championships of the AGL in 2013 and where soon also the football matches for the FICT Games will be held. If the president is found guilty, this can lead to the deposition of Faroz-Zaran. Many citizens in Île de Romanhe have been demonstrating for months now, accusing him for just corruption.
  • November 2015 - No decision was taken on the conference of FICT in Yutyrama about the removal of the last exception in the free trade agreement (fish and agricultural products), and the Ilya Roman delegation declared it was a pity that the member states could not agree about this important matter and in stead postponed it to the next GA. Our country, with its fast growing population, is heavily depending on the import of food, especially of agricultural products, and the Ilya Roman government is strongly in favor of the change in the free trade agreement, which most likely will make imported agricultural products from other FICT member states cheaper.
  • June 2015 - President Faroz-Zaran signed the agreement on the Tripartite Free Trade Area, and by this Île de Romanhe joined the biggest free trade zone in Africa. 27 African countries agreed on the summit in Egypt about creating this free trade zone (which later even would be the subject of negotiations during the African Union summit in South Africa).
  • June 2015 - The two ruling parties URIR and FKR keep their majority in the Azemble Romanhe after the parliamentary elections and will continue to govern, possibly with the support of the newest party PPP.
  • May 2015 - Foreign minister Abdul Hamid Rasul from the Republic of MAS visited Île de Romanhe for biliteral talks about FICT-matters and to strenghten the diplomatic relations between our country and the republic.
  • May 2015 - At the annual conference of FICT in Kingsbury was decided that our country will organize the FICT-games in 2015.
  • March 2015 - The former minister of agriculture and fisheries, Jean Orange Forestier, has left the nationalist party (FNIR) and founded a new party Parti pour le Progrès du Peuple just a few months before the parliamentary elections in June.
  • March 2015 - Glaciologists of the university of Port de Boiguehenneuc fear that the glaciers on the top of Mont Perdu and Piton du Soufre Fétide will melt away, which will have a major impact on agriculture and the population in this part of the country.
  • February 2015 - The university of Port de Boiguehenneuc and the university of Purikali (Kaupelan) will start a mutual research project on tectonics. Both countries are regularely hit by earthquakes and better knowledge in buildingtechnique can probably lead to lesser death casualties in the future.
  • February 2015 - The government of Île de Romanhe has announced that president Aristide Faroz-Zaran, prime minister Guillaume Keztil-Surt and mr. Guimarc Bonamy will officially visit the republic of Tarmorya from 7 to 9 February this year.
  • January 2015 - The Ilya Roman government will, on the next conference of the AGL, support a proposal to remove suborganizations from countries that already have more than one within their borders. Île de Romanhe is eager to gain such an organization because it will lead to more employment and economical development.
  • Januari 2015 - President Faroz-Zaran visits Brazil where he attends the reinstallation of president Dilma Rouseff.


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