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The New Courland Observer (NCO) is an online New Curonian newspaper intended for an international English speaking public and contains selected translated articles from the most important New Curonian newspapers as well as original articles written for the NCO.

  • 2016 edition : Diet ratifies new FICT Trade Agreement
  • 2015 edition : General election on 7 June • Diet ratifies Ísðor Treaty • PDP keeps majority in elections • Succesful sixth General Assembly of FICT
  • Spring 2014 edition : FICT membership possibility remains open • Kronenburg's OAS affairs state secretary tours CARICOM nations • Gascoyne wins CP leadership challenge
  • Winter 2013/2014 edition : Mayor of Yeovil reelected for a second term
  • Autumn 2013 edition : Surprise about Dhrampanese request to become an Observer • Harry Griffith reelected as mayor of Louise Charlotte • Government composition slightly changed • New Courland to investigate FICT membership
  • Summer 2013 edition : DGG Azhikode steps down • National security minister wants ban on military type clothing • Great-grandson for Duchess Elizabeth • Murtogg confirmed as Exumbran Secretary General
  • Spring 2013 edition : Former Louise-Charlotte mayor put forward as GG candidate • Satyavant Bhandare takes office as GG
  • Winter 2012/2013 edition : Opposition calls for stricter policy after prostitutes' murders • Governor-General announces retirement • Culture minister wants new concert hall
  • Autumn 2012 edition : New mayors for Penllergaer and Kettler's Port • Police arrest university swindlers • Exumbran Convention starts 15 November • Diet elects members of Exumbran Parliament
  • Summer 2012 edition : Exumbran Convention founding summit held in New Courland • Diet ratifies Exumbran Treaty
  • Spring 2012 edition : New Courland won't join CCJ • Bank employer arrested for fraud • Mayoral elections announced in two municipalities • New Courland represented in Huenan talks • Parents angry with drunk teachers