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Bourzafrique, Tarmorya - English Edition

After re-election, Darmqran changes foreign policy

March 2018

After a controversial election, with opposition candidate Pierre Mir’Yassine of Hezb Sošlist l'Imqedmaten (HSI, Socialist Worker Party) alleging fraud, re-elected President Abdelkarim Darmqran decides to toughen the discourse with regard to foreign policy. The president stated that Tarmorya will put more focus on its African neighbours in detriment of worldwide organisations, such as FICT. Rumours are that Qajr l'Emoryen Palace even considers leaving FICT.

Visibly embarrassed, the ambassador to FICT Yesib Borzalle announced last Friday, March 23, in the headquarter of the organisation, in Purikali - Kaupelan, that the country would no longer host the next General Assembly, scheduled for next May, for reasons of internal security. Inquired by the local press about the status of democracy in Tarmorya, the former Vice-Secretary General was very reticent in stating that the situation is normal.

After the announcement, the ambassador was called back to Bourzafrique. Analysts see that, due to disagreements on the local and foreign policies, prince Yesib will likely be replaced by another ambassador more aligned with the government.

The truce between Darmqran’s Hezb t’Temezirt (HT, National Party) and other Parties to ensure a democratic transition after the coup d’état of 2012 is completely broken after these elections. HT kept the majority in the Senate with 20 seats but lost it in the Chamber of Deputies where the Socialist Workers have 26 seats versus 22 of HT.

Tarmorya will propose a new FICT visa agreement and expects support from the ‘African Bloc’

January 2016

Considering the discussion to take place in the next General Assembly of FICT in May about the visa agreement, the government will propose that citizens of FICT countries could travel to other member states without the need for a visa, similar to what happens in the European Union today. With this proposal, any person living in a FICT country could live and even work in another member country, without any special authorisation other than the passport. “It’s time to be a real international organisation and to effectively ‘improve the traffic of people’ as stated in the Treaty of Ísðor”, said the ambassador to FICT, Yesib Borzalle.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Basqri intends to travel to Harrawi, Republic of MAS and Île de Romanhe, the countries of what is being called in the Tarmoryan diplomatic circles the ‘African Bloc’ to convince them to support the initiative. “ We expect that our friends – developing nations with comparable expectances toward FICT – can act as a bloc and be stronger in our demands”, the minister explained. The proposal however is far from being unanimity and much controversy is expected. The Yuklandic ambassador to FICT Jana Gunnarssœn, for example, said that her country has concerns about this proposal: “our borders wouldn’t be safe with such a proposal considering that the borders outside FICT are not safe for many countries within the organisation”, in a clear reference to the problem of illegal immigration from other African countries to Tarmorya as a ‘door to Europe”. The fear of Yukland is that not only Tarmoryans but other African immigrants could get into FICT European countries without a rigorous control.

But, before the approval of such proposal, the obligation of all members to accept the decisions of the general assembly needs to be voted, as the case of free trade agreement that Tarmorya doesn’t agree. The Voskian proposal is to remove such obligation.

Foreign trade is expected to increase after the end of sanctions to Iran

January 2016

The Minister of Tourism, Industry and Trade Zerwal Munalb expects a significant increase in the bilateral trade with Iran after the end of commercial sanctions imposed on that country by the international community. Tarmoryan agriculture-derived products such as orange juice, dried fruits and olive oil could be sold in exchange to Iranian oil.

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