Marije Vernăn-Tŭle

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Marije Vernăn-Tŭle (Маріје Вернăн-Тўле, born 16 September 1960 in Ashtinok as Marije Tŭle) is an Adzhatian engineer who served briefly as her country's minister of foreign affairs in the first governments after the revolution that got rid of president Miheĺ Pjotarśŭn. A member of the political party PDA, she was a member of the AVŎD-PDA governments of Valentiń Lăńkaĺ and Pekka Cirpăń in 2004 and 2005. When in that year, it was discovered that AVŎD had 'bought' the revolution, the government was ousted, but the PDA ministers chose sides of the 'Opposition Movement' of Ăŕva Ośŕoncei and most of them stayed in the government. In the few months that followed, Vernăn had a tough job convincing the outside world that the Adzhatian government was legitimate. In November 2005, Ośŕoncei was ousted too, and the government was replaced by an interim government. Vernăn left active politics after that and chose to teach at the University of Pruteilăć.

Marije Vernăn-Tŭle is married to Jukka Vernăn. They don't have children.

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