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  • The 57th summit of the AGL was held in Landheul (Issel) on 2 July 2016. During this meeting the Mii-Islands officially left the AGL following the suspension period that was initiated on the previous summit, during which the country didn't manage to make the necessary improvements to stay in the AGL. Norland having left the AGL in March already and with two upcoming referendums in Île de Romanhe (July) and Issel (September) about a possible termination of the AGL memberships of these countries, the member states' delegations initiated a discussion about ways to make the AGL more attractive and worthwile. The Central European state of Pannonia expressed interest in joining the AGL.
  • On November 13, 2016, the eighth FICT General Assembly took place in Divis, (Voskia). The member states discussed the Juridical Committee of the Forum, but no decision was taken and the matter was postponed to the next meeting in Yukland in 2017.
  • The seventh General Assembly of FICT was held in Bizet, the capital of the Republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran on May 7. On this GA the Free Trade Agreement from 2012 was replaced by a new Free Trade Agreement. Also two new states became member of FICT, Amargo and Pannonia.
  • The 56th summit of the AGL was held in the Cañete National Parc (Chimor) on 19 March 2016. During this meeting the changes to the treaties of Aralethe (the founding treaty of the AGL) and Jarjana (AGL Human rights treaty) were adopted. A procedure was launched to end the membership of the Mii-Islands, after repeated failure to apply several membership conditions; if the Mii-Islands don't make the necessary improvements before the next summit, the country will cease to be a member of the AGL. The Voskian diplomat and ambassador Not Curschellas was appointed as the next Secretary General, and Glória San Martín Iglesias was reappointed director of EnerGeo. Due to the situation of the Mii-Islands, the headquarters of the Monoghan Institute of the Environment (MIE) will be moved to the Voskian capital of Divis this year.
  • The second regular Council Meeting of the Exumbran Convention was held in Adzhatia on 28 August 2014.
  • There are currently 3,829 pages in the Geopoeia wiki.