List of Countries Affiliated with Exumbra

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This is a list of countries that are members of the Exumbran Convention or otherwise (semi-) affiliated with the Exumbra project/universe.

The "(semi-) affiliated country" status is a status on the meta-geofictional level, not on the (geo-) fictional level (see: Rules of Exumbra); that is, a (semi-) affiliated country is a country that is recognized as existent in the project universe. The status does not imply any kind of governmental or other relations between the affiliated country and the Exumbran Convention.
Aspiring member countries of the Convention must obtain the affiliate status first, and strictly speaking, membership is an additional (geo-) fictional level status on top of the meta-geofictional affiliate status.

country status remarks
Adzhatia ratified
Chimor ratified
Dhram Phá ratified
Guelphia affiliated
Harrawi ratified
Huenan ratified
Kaupelan semi-affiliated
Khusqaikama ratified
Kpwahele & Nɣurumba ratified
Kronenburg ratified
New Courland ratified

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