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This is a list of Alternative Earths. Earth is the planet we live on, as we know it really is, and as we can find it in atlases and history books. A fictional country can only be considered to be located on Earth if it does not significantly affect this. This means that a fictional country on Earth cannot have (had) any significant impact on (physical and human) geography, history, and current world events. (See the List of Fictional Countries on Earth.) Fictional countries that are described as being on Earth, but that (would) fundamentally (have) change(d) Earth history and geography, on the other hand, are considered to be located on an Alternative Earth, and should be listed here.

It should be noted that deviations from reality add up. When several countries on Earth and or borderline cases engage in interactive geofiction, then this interactive geofiction takes place in a context with many changes to Earth history and geography rather than just one. In other words, interactive geofiction always takes place on an alternative earth (or on a completely different planet, of course).

Changes in Earth history without physical geographical changes or fictional time periods on Earth are not Alternative Earths, but Alternate Histories or Uchronias. (See the List of Alternate Histories and Uchronias.)

For further details, see the page on Earth and Alternative Earths.

Alternative Earths for interactive geofiction

Other Alternative Earths

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