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Lindavista is the capital of Chimor. It is a metropolis with a colonial atmosphere. The city was founded by the Spaniards, who builded a fortification with a distinctive tower, a large baroque cathedral and a palace of the viceroys. Around the year 1900, the city has grown rapidly, and in 1940 Lindavista had 700,000 inhabitants. Now there are about 2 million, plus a large number of densely populated suburbs. The majority of the centre as we know it today was formed around 1850. At that time the city began to grow quickly. Thanks to an architectural master plan, elegant boulevards on either side surrounded by cool arcades were constructed. Parks were built, as well as luxury apartment buildings. Many were built in the Art Deco style, including skyscrapers in Empire State Building style, although not as high (the Casa Blanca, with 98 metres is the highest building of that time) and with a Spanish touch (whitewashed). Most of these skyscrapers were built along the beach.

Lindavista is more prosperous than most cities in Chimor. The city has broad avenues, highways, and lush green suburbs. The colonial character is strongly present, and there is a reasonably compact and cohesive centre. Neighborhoods from the beginning of the century, especially around the centre, have a mediterranean touch, althouth a little bit more chaotic and messy. The suburbs and residential areas are spacious and green. The centre is well maintained and counts many parks.

Lindavista is beautifully situated on the bay of Ventura. Hills are surrounding the city, often with lush gardens of the residential areas overlooking the bay. Distinctive viewpoint is the hill of San Pedro, in the residential area with the same name. In the south of the city is the Estrella district, an entertainment center which used to have fancy restaurants, discos and expensive apartments blocks. Since the ataxunist revolution there are no longer "expensive neighborhoods", but the area still maintains its cosmopolitan character, which is somewhat similar to Monaco or Marbella.

Finally, the climate. This is, like the rest of Chimor, spring-like. The sun shines most of the time, but it is rarely too hot.