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The League of Geofictional Nations (Aardse Geofictieve Liga in Dutch, la Ligue des Nations Géofictionnelles in French) is a fictional international organisation for fictional countries on Earth created on 2 March 1986 by members of the Dutch Geofiction Association. Its main purpose is to improve the cooperation between some smaller, non-aligned countries on earth. Internationally, the Dutch abbreviation AGL is used. The organisation's head quarters (the Secretariate) are located in the Cilogian capital of Prisce.

Member states

Currently, the AGL has ten member states. Countries that apply for membership may first be granted associated membership for the time of at least one year.

  • Channel Islands - full member since 19 March 2016
  • Chimor - full member since 13 September 2009
  • Cilogia - full member since 2 March 1986 (founding member)
  • Île de Romanhe - full member since 13 September 2009
  • Insulantis - full member since 11 April 2009
  • Issel - full member since 13 September 2009
  • Kronenburg - full member since 31 July 1999
  • Marckonia - full member from 2 March 1986 until 1 January 2004 and since 13 September 2009 (founding member)
  • Palana - full member since 8 July 2012
  • Pannonia - full member since 4 March 2018
  • Voskia - full member since 23 July 2013


The Conference is the highest organ of the AGL. It convenes at least twice a year and consists of the delegations of the member states, mostly headed by the government leaders and the foreign affairs ministers. The Conference takes decisions based on article 12 of the Treaty of Aralethe (the AGL founding treaty) concerning the implementation of the tasks and obligations that were given to the AGL in its treaties.

The AGL Secretariate is located in the Cilogian capital of Prisce and is headed by the League's Secretary General, who is appointed for a four year term by the Conference. His or her mandate is twice renewable. Since 6 September 2012, the Secretary General has been the former Marckonian prime minister Heidi Ankerskjöld.

Secretaries General of the AGL:

# Secretary General took office left office country
1 Guas Jeirnal 1988 1990 Cilogia
2 Kaj Möländer-Ersson 1990 1992 Marckonia
3 Adolfo Cruzes 1992 1994 São Antonio
4 Kajsa Silfverblom 1994 1996 Marckonia
5 Fön ei Sörsce Wuirgitt 1996 2000 Cilogia
6 Mahtbod Adalreþson 2000 6 August 2000 Engary
7 Marij Ühler acting until 6 January 2001 6 August 2000 27 July 2003 Kronenburg
Mical Arrei acting 27 July 2003 11 January 2004 Cilogia
8 Antonio C. da Silva Xiveiras 11 January 2004 11 January 2008 São Antonio
9 Johan Achterberg 11 January 2008 19 February 2008 Kronenburg
10 Karen Damgaard acting until 6 September 2008 23 February 2008 6 September 2012 Norland
11 Heidi Ankerskjöld 6 September 2012 6 September 2016 Marckonia
12 Not Curschellas 6 September 2016 incumbent Voskia

Suborganisations and institutes

  • The AEGU is the economical institute of the AGL.
  • EnerGeo is the AGL's energy institute.
  • MIE is concerned with environment research in the member states.
  • The Ylieen-Centre is the cultural organisation of the AGL.
  • The AGL Investment Bank.
  • The GCCS is concerned with the organisation of sport activities between the member states.

Cultural events

  • The Cultural Capital of the AGL
  • The AGL Games (every four years)
  • The AGL Soccer Championships (every four years)


AGL homepage (in Dutch, but with a small explanatory secion in English)