Laila Miró-Rozenberga

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Laila Miró-Rozenberga (born as Laila Rozenberga 14 December 1978 in Round Bay) is an oceanographist and politician from New Courland who has been serving as the country's tenth prime minister since 19 June 2015 and the second woman to hold the office. She succeeded Luis Lavalleja as leader of the Progress and Development Party on 14 June, when it was decided within the party that Lavalleja had to step aside; in the 7 June elections, the party lost for the second time in a row, despite winning the elections for the fourth time. Although it is common knowledge that Miró is a compromise candidate (Lavalleja and his main rival Thomas Seneviratne, the mayor of Yeovil, didn't get enough support to win the leadership contest), expectations are that her government can be an efficient and effective one.

Early career

After having finished her studies, Miró worked at the Louise Charlotte Marina for some years. In December 2007, she was elected as a member of the Diet in which she worked in the foreign affairs and planning committees. In the 2013 cabinet reshuffle she succeeded Alfred Daudze as planning minister, in which capacity she ended negotiations about an extension of the New Courland railway line from Louise Charlotte to Yeovil, calling it 'an utter and complete waste of public money'.

Private life

Miró is married to Alan Miró, a lawyer in Yeovil. They have two children and five cats. Laila Miró enjoys diving, running and reading.

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