Kerceźiś Krais

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Kerceźiś Krais (Керцежіш Краіс) is one of the twelve districts of Adzhatia according to the division that became effective on 1 September 2013. Like its predecessor district Kerceze Krais, it is named after the city of Kercei (Керцеі), which is, according to some, one of the older settlements of Adzhatia, founded centuries ago by the Finno-Ugric people that first visited the island; others claim that the Finno-Ugric settlement was located further south and that the Russians were in fact the first to found Kercei; during that time, it was known as Kresta Gorod (Креста Город); the Adzhatians derived the present-day name from the Russian name.

The district division of 1 September 2013 saw large parts of the average sized Kerceze Krais being divided among Ćandeisa Krais and Pruteźiś Krais, although it gained back an island that belonged to the Kŏpunceźiś Krais and on which the town of Beiðian Lăćciŕ (Беіѳіан Лăчціʀ, litt. 'Fish Town') is located. Another settlement on the mainland of Valya, north of Kercei, is Ŕatăblăć (Rатăблăч).

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