Kaĭta Kadidariri

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Kaĭta Kadidariri (楓 孟丞; born in 1959 in Aśtasiixe (Niśkitanaĭkĭyŋ)) is a Khusqaian diplomat and negotiator in international negotiations and conflict. In 2012, he was appointed ambassador to North America, and Permanent Representative to the Exumbran Convention.

Kadidariri was married once and has two children from that marriage. He has a third child with a now ex- girlfriend, which was born in 2006, and two other young women claim that he is the father of their child, but he does not recognize those. Kadidadiri enjoys sailing and visiting pubs and (expensive) restaurants. He also collects African woodcarvings and Japanese ukiyo-e, in both cases mostly with erotic themes.

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