Kŏpunceźiś Krais

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Kŏpunceźiś Krais (Кŏпунцежіш Краіс) is one of the twelve districts of Adzhatia according to the division that became effective on 1 September 2013. It is the only district that kept exactly the same name as in the old division. Кŏпунч or kŏpunć is the Adzhatic word for 'captital'; the Adzhatian state capital of Ashtinok (Аштінок / Aśtinok) is located in this district. Apart from this city, there are a few hamlets and isolated farms. The district territory is not one uninterrupted area: apart from the main territory, there is a small exclave near the town of Huśte, which is the capital of Ćandeisa Krais. The exclave contains a small settlement which is administratively part of the city of Ashtinok.

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