Johannes Oberlinga

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Johannes Oberlinga (born 17 March 1960 in Friescheburg, Kronenburg) is a Kronenburg economist and diplomat. He mostly worked as a professor of economics at the Royal University in Alexanderstad, apart from some brief positions as interim CEO of a couple of Kronenburg multinationals. He also briefly served as the country's minister of economic affairs from 2018 to 2019, after his predecessor Thomas Bouma became Secretary General of AEGU, the economic organisation of the AGL. In the same year he was asked to represent Kronenburg as Ambassador to FICT, a position he has occupied since November 2019.

Nothing much is known about Oberlinga's private life. He isn't married and doesn't have any children, and seems to be estranged from the rest of his family. Although one wouldn't guess it from his sometimes shabby appearance, there are rumours that he is extremely wealthy and that he is a decent gambler and a regular visitor of one (or more) of the exclusive casinos in the Oranjewijk municipality.

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