Jūşkē Ruģiā

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Jūşkē Ruģiā (English: South-Rugia) is a province in the region of Voskia in the Republic of the Vosks and the Gurds. It was formed in 1953, when the current administrative division of Voskia was created. Before that, it formed a province together with Būģiakē Ruģiā (North-Rugia), parts of Idacia and Divis.

Jūşkē Ruģiā is divided in two parts by the Strait of Divis. The western part borders Būģiakē Ruģiā and Idacia in the north, Eledia in the west, Mesē Kūģe in the south-west and Vezide in the south; the eastern part borders Gyrdja a Pryndim in the east and Divis in the south. The eastern part as several exclaves on the coast of Gyrdja a Pryndim.

The capital of Jūşkē Ruģiā is Rāģidz, which also serves as the capital for the entire region of Voskia. Other towns include Urtis and Kevdģēzvĕ. In 2011, the province had 241,478 inhabitants. Its current Head of Province is Piupa Pāvuşiūz-Urtizas.


Jūşkē Ruģiā was once part of the historical region of Ruģiā, which encompassed a territory far larger than the province of Ruģiā before 1953. During the era of the Confederacy of Gurdia, Greater Voskia, Korfu, Avaza and Evaģa (1644 - 1739), Ruģiā was the most important duchy within Greater Voskia and its capital Rāģidz served as the de facto capital of the Confederacy, although the capitals of all parts of the Confederacy enjoyed equal status de iure.

After the Confederacy was conquered by Naples, Rāģidz declined slightly, but became important once again when Voskia became an autonomous kingdom within the Kingdom of Two Sicilies in 1816. In 1912, the island of Gurdia was conquered and Ruģiā expanded its territory with the nearest areas on the island that were inhabited by Voskians. After Voskian independence in 1946, Rāģidz became the capital at first, but significant reforms were necessary in 1953 to prevent the country from falling apart; Divis was severed from Ruģiā and transformed into a new capital district, and Ruģiā was divided into two provinces while some other parts were given to neighbouring provinces.


Rāģidz hosts the main office of the FICT Secretariat for Trade and Economy (FSTE).