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-Government of republic applies officially for membership of FICT

-President abandons plan to run for a new period

-The republic becomes member of FICT on meeting in Guelphia

-The republic becomes member of Alliance of Fictional States

-Imam arrested after riots

-Prime minister changes his mind during conference concerning the removal of exception in free trade agreement

-Government of republic abandons short term visas for citizens of FICT member states

-Prime minister Keridavian dismissed

-Foreign minister Rasul visits other FICT member states

-Rakesh Sengupta announces he will run for president in June

-Police arrests young Adzhatian tourists

-Republic welcomes athletic heroes from FICT Games

-Republic plans to participate in first FICT Fair

-Protests after alleged fraud in presidential elections

-Oliver Keridavian installed as new president. Many protests against results of presidential elections

-National Bank issues new banknotes in 2017 -Eighth General Assembly postponed JCF

-Republican Party and Peoples Movement will form new government after PNR lost power in parliamentary elections -Disappointing results for Maysorian teams at FICT Games in Kaupelan

-FICT-Games of 2019 assigned to our country.

-Minor earthquake rattles republic.

-Police prevents planned attack on FICT-Games.

-Government of MAS prefers GA of FICT to take place in Kaupelan.

-FICT-Games both praised and criticized.

-Kronenburg admitted as 14th member state at 14th summit of FICT.

-Government declares state of emergency due to corona crisis. Presidential elections canceled.

-Former president Muhammad Nuruddin past away.

-15th summit of FICT to be held by video conference.

-Haseena Begum wins presidential elections.

-Corona crisis under control says Ministry of Health.

-Republic starts vaccinations.

-Republic closes down one of two coal power plants.

-Committee installed to rewrite constitution of Republic.

-Minister of Health resigns.

-Minor earthquake hits eastern islands.

-Athletes protest against conditions at FICT-Games in Adzhatia.