Ina Twaelfterpen-Nieboer

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Ina Twaelfterpen-Nieboer (born 10 August 1957 in Noordeinde as Catharina Dorothea Nieboer) is a Kronenburg ambassador and diplomat. She has worked for the OAS and the United Nations and has been the Kronenburg ambassador to Ecuador, Austria and, currently, New Zealand since 2007. On 31 August 2012 it was announced that she will be the Kronenburg Permanent Representative to the Exumbran Convention.

Personal life

Twaelfterpen studied international law at the Royal University of Alexanderstad. In 1989 she married Igor Twaelfterpen (1955 - 2005) with whom she has one daughter, Sylvia (born 1993). The marriage was not a good one, and in 2005 they were about to divorce when Igor was run over by a car and died. In 2008 and 2009 she was often seen in the company of her twenty years younger New Zealand masseur Clark MacFarlane and it was rumoured that they were a couple, but this was never confirmed and at one point they seemed to have stopped seeing each other.

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