Image Guidelines and Submission

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Geopoeia is predominantly a text-based website. Only Administrators and Editors can upload images. Other users can submit images for approval by site administrators.

image guidelines

The less (big) images (per page) the better (images slow down pages and take up much disc space). For Conlangs that have a fictional or other very nonstandard alphabet, usually 1 image showing that alphabet is sufficient. For fictional countries etc. 1 or 2 maps and a flag should be sufficient. The more pages and textual information on a certain subject or family of subjects, the more images may be allowed for that subject or family of subjects.

limitations concerning files

  • Allowed image formats: .jpg .gif .png
  • Maximum file size:
    • 100 kb for maps and other complex images (with possible exceptions for particularly well drawn maps, especially in case they come with lots of textual information and pages).
    • 10 kb for flags, simple charts and graphs, etc.

limitations concerning rights

  • No copyrighted images.
  • No photographs taken by others, unless you have the explicit permission of the photographer.
  • No photographs showing people, unless you have the explicit permission of the people in the photograph.


Exceptions to the guidelines concerning files are possible if there are good reasons for an exception. Exceptions should be discussed in the "Site issues and suggestions" forum. Some examples of possible reasons for exception:

  • If the letters of an alphabet are also used to write text in other pages, it may be more useful to upload all these letters as separate tiny files, rather than just one image showing all of them. (See also User-created scripts and writing systems for another, better option.)
  • There already is a normal map of a country, but on the page about dialects, a dialect map would be useful, and a historical map for the history page, and so forth.

Generally, the more text about a topic, the more freedom to upload (large or many) images for that topic. Images should never replace text, however.

remarks and suggestions

.png or .gif files are generally preferred for schematic images such as maps, diagrams, flags, and alphabets. In case of .gifs: the smaller the number of colors used, the smaller the file. In most cases 4 or 8 colors is sufficient; more than 16 are rarely needed. In case of .pngs: more compression results in significantly smaller files, without much loss of quality if the original image has few colors. Note that, in .gif images the wiki software makes pure black transparent at other sizes than the original, so usually a .png is preferable (but often .gif is the smallest).

.jpg files are preferred for photographs (but see the limitations concerning rights above).

image submission

Send images with description to the Image Administrator.

becoming an Editor

Active users can request to become an Editor in the Forum. With that request, it must be stated explicitly that the above image guidelines (and other key site policies) are read and understood. An Editor violating the guidelines or other site policies may lose his/her Editor status.