Hupilulyum Musheyeu

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Hupilulyum Musheyeu (born 10 January 1949 in Erim) is a Harrawi diplomat, who served as Harrawi's Permanent Representative in the Exumbran Convention from 2012 to 2016. He also represented Kpwahele & Nɣurumba. Before that, he served as ambassador to Tanzania and countries in the vicinity. He is a member of the Libinay-clan and therefore strictly speaking of the NID-party as well, although he never had any political function.

Before his current assignment, Musheyeu served as ambassador to Egypt, South Africa and Albania. After studying international and criminal law and history of the African continent at the universities of Malaa and Cairo (Egypt), he gained work experience as a clerk at the ministry of foreign affairs and the Harrawi embassies to Djibouti and then Ethiopia and the African Union.

Mr. Musheyeu is married twice. With his first wife he has five children, with his second, three. Mr. Musheyeu enjoys playing cricket and golf.