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preferred formating for tables

{|border="1" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" style="text-align:center;"
|column 1
|column 2
|row 1
|row 2

results in:

column 1 column 2
row 1 a b
row 2 c d

useful codes for tables

  • valign="top" (vertical alignment: top of the cell (standard is centered))
  • style="float: right;" (creates a table at the right of the page, with text continuing at the left)
  • colspan="2" (combines two horizontally adjacent cells into one)
  • rowspan="2" (combines two vertically adjacent cells into one)
  • class="wikitable sortable" (makes a table sortable; to make a table sortable, the row header lines should start with "!" rather than "|")