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It is possible to customize the navigation menu in the sidebar. (Unfortunately customized navigation menus do not work in the forums and other special pages, however.) Here is a step by step guide on how to do that.

1. Create a page with the name Sidebar:username replacing username with your username. So if your username is John5, create the page Sidebar:John5.

2. Click on edit and copy and paste the following:

* navigation
** Main Content Lists|Directory
** mainpage|Main Page (en)
** Hauptseite|Hauptseite (de)
** Hoofdpagina|Hoofdpagina (nl)
** Portals|Portals
** recentchanges-url|recentchanges
** helppage|help

3. Delete what you do not need and add what you want. A line that starts with a single * results in a new box with what follows that * as its title (as with 'navigation'). A line that starts with ** has a link: before the | the page name; after the | the link text (thus the text 'Hauptseite (de)' links to Hauptseite, the main page in German).

To be clear, you're not supposed to edit other people's sidebar pages, unless they ask you to. This is considered a very serious offense. If you do edit some other user's sidebar without that user's permission - even as a joke - you may be banned from this website immediately and blocked from creating a new account.

some suggestions:

  • Delete the main page in languages you don't speak from the menu.
  • Delete the entry 'portals' and instead add links to the portals you use. If you use many portals list these in a separate menu 'portals'.
  • Create a separate menu 'my pages' listing the pages that you work on or access most.
  • You cannot add links to either the 'search' or 'toolbox' menu.
  • Once again: one * for a new navigation/menu box; two ** for a link, with the page name before the | and the link text after.